Joel Siegel’s Summer Movie Preview

And “Ocean’s 13,” with more Matt Damon. Why so many? Believe it or not, it’s good business. Even thousands of theaters near you when the theater owners have a known quantity. More sequels? “Fantastic Four 2″ is coming. Why didn’t they call it “Fantastic 5″?

Made on a different scale for a different audience, these films won’t compete in the billion-dollar derby, 50 million to 100 million means they make money, though. It’s easier to get into a theater near you. “Live Free or Die Hard,” with one stunt they give away in the trailer: Bruce flips his cop car 50 feet in the air to bring down a helicopter.

There are 17 sequels scheduled to open this summer. “Spiderman 3″ should make more than $100 million on its first weekend.

“Harry Potter 5″ is opening simultaneously in 10,000 theaters around the world. But this summer Hollywood’s gone hog wild (and “Hog Wild” did a hundred million in the spring when no one is supposed to go to the movies).. “Pirates of the Caribbean 3″ opens in May. And I’m with Hollywood.

More buzz — they’re calling “Knocked Up” this summer’s “40-Year-Old Virgin.” There are even some real movies for real people coming this summer. That one CGI stunt is reason enough for “Die Hard 4.”

Will these movies steal one another’s audiences? Hollywood’s betting they’ll get more people to go. If a film made money in the last 15 to 20 years, you’ll see a part two or three or five starting next weekend with “Spiderman 3.”

“I was out of bullets,” is his reason. This summer Hollywood finds out if three’s a company, or if three’s a crowd. “Spidey 3″ has already opened in Asia.

“Evan Almighty,” a Jim Carrey-less sequel to “Bruce Almighty” with Steve Carrell building an ark will be sailing into a theater near you. On both sides of the screen. In “Ocean’s 14,” Brad Pitt adopts George Clooney.

Not long ago, $100 million total box office made a movie a blockbuster hit. “Rush Hour 3.” Finally. It’s cheaper — studios spend less on advertising and promotion. Daniel Pearl in “A Mighty Heart.”

But notice the number after the name. “Pirates 2″ did a billion around the world all by itself.

But three’s the number they like best. Like “Hairspray.” A remake with a difference, John Travolta plays … “Shrek the Third” opens in May. And it’s nice in the summer for grown-ups to have a place to go.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Abigail Breslin star in “No Reservations.” Angelina Jolie, the word is she’s terrific as Mrs. “Bourne 3,” with Matt Damon. India, China and Russia are opening up, and as I’ve long said, most Hollywood films play better if you don’t speak English.

Hollywood’s predicting its biggest summer ever, a $4 billion box office leading to a $10 billion dollar year, and I think they are going to make it.

That’s one reason we are seeing so many sequels this summer. Last year it was “The Devil Wore Prada,” a real movie that out grossed “Superman.” This summer? Ann Hathaway is back in “Becoming Jane.”

If it’s not a sequel, odds are it’s a remake. At $175 million, it’s the most expensive comedy ever made.

One reason, international box office is way up. the mom! Big comedy buzz.

Hollywood had a bummer summer last year. “Shrek 2″ was the biggest-grossing domestic film of the last decade.

Bruce is back, but Bruce Willis, not Bruce Almighty. They started at “Ocean’s 11″ so it’s really Ocean’s 3

Takeru Kobayashi News, Photos and Videos

Takeru Kobayashi of Japan famous for devouring ….. their own gluttonous game. weighs 470 pounds, held the hot dog -eating record before Kobayashi , eating 22 ¼ dogs in 1996 …

Wolf Files: Too Fat to Eat Fast?. competitors, Thomas and Kobayashi may be better able to stretch ….. … least according to former hot dog -chomping champ Edward ….. on the Fourth of July, Kobayashi must once again defend his title at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at New York’s ….

FBI Ruse Violated Rights of Vegas Hotel Guest, US Judge Says

The two charges each carry a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

“Law enforcement can’t break something in your house and pose as repair people to get inside,” Chesnoff said.

“There is not a constitutional right to DSL,” she said.

Prosecutors said some $13 million in bets had been wagered before the FBI, working with Nevada gambling regulators, raided three Caesars Palace villas where Phua, his son and several other people were staying. Agents seized computers, cellphones and cash.

Prosecutor Kimberly Frayn argued that Internet service isn’t an essential service like electricity, air conditioning or water, and that people in the Caesars Palace villas weren’t compelled to invite in the agents disguised as repairmen.

Gordon’s 22-page ruling effectively guts the criminal prosecution of a man authorities characterized as a top member of an Asian organized crime syndicate who flew to Las Vegas last summer on his private jet after having been arrested and charged with operating an illegal sports betting business in the Asian gambling hub of Macau.

“Permitting the government to create the need for the occupant to invite a third party into his or her home would effectively allow the government to conduct warrantless searches of the vast majority of residences and hotel rooms in America,” the judge wrote.

Darren Phua was the last of six defendants to plead guilty to lesser charges, forfeit large amounts of money and return to Asia under plea deals banning them from travel to the U.S. Charges against one defendant were dismissed.

“We hope this will bring the case to a close because the decision suppresses all the evidence that directly involves Mr. Phua,” defense attorney Thomas Goldstein said.

The FBI violated the rights of a wealthy Malaysian businessman when agents posed as Internet repairmen to get into his Las Vegas hotel suite to search for evidence of wrongdoing during the World Cup soccer tournament last summer, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Federal prosecutors conceded mistakes but argued that the government did nothing malicious and had not violated Phua’s constitutional rights.

Officials with the FBI referred messages seeking comment to the U.S. “The government violated the defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights” against unreasonable searches and seizures, U.S. for five years. District Judge Andrew Gordon said in a bluntly worded decision.

Phua’s attorneys said they were stunned to learn that investigators enlisted a Caesars contractor to shut off Internet access so agents disguised as repairmen could enter with hidden cameras.

“This had implications for all Americans,” defense attorney David Chesnoff said, hailing the decision as a victory for freedom.

Gordon called the evidence collected from Phua’s suite “fruits of an unconstitutional search,” and said it can’t be used if the government presses forward with charges that Phua operated an illegal gambling business and transmitted wagering information. attorney’s office in Las Vegas, which didn’t immediately respond.

The defense lawyers accused the FBI of deceiving a magistrate judge who granted a search warrant by failing to disclose the tactics used to find probable cause, and leaving any reference to the ruse out of investigative reports.

The decision, however, doesn’t kill the case outright.

Phua, 50, is the last remaining defendant among eight people arrested in the case, including his son Darren Wai Kit Phua, 23.

His ruling threw out evidence collected last July from Wei Seng “Paul” Phua’s high-security luxury villa at Caesars Palace.

Phua’s lawyers also disputed allegations that their client had criminal ties.

Arsenal made to pay the price for defensive mistakes as Arsene Wenger fields virtual reserve team against Olympiakos

Vito Mannone, his replacement, was soon picking the ball out of his own goal in embarrassing circumstances.

Mannone, though, suddenly seemed consumed by panic and inexplicably tried to volley the ball to safety from well inside his own area.

The Spanish midfielder then tried to lift his shot over Mannone but actually succeeded only in sending what amounted to a tame back-pass towards the Arsenal goal.

The finish was far from straightforward but Djebbour easily rounded Fabianski and converted from an acute angle. His curling cross was chested down by Chamakh and Yossi Benayoun struck a powerful volley past Balazs Megyeri.

A banner had been unveiled across one entire end of the atmospheric Georgios Karaiskakis stadium instructing the Olympiakos players to ‘score, win and let us dream’ and, within 16 minutes, they obliged. He missed, and could only look over his shoulder at the agonising sight of the ball dribbling into an empty net.

The goal briefly lifted Arsenal but their defensive deficiencies remained evident as Olympiakos added a deserved third when Modesto followed up after Olof Mellberg’s header had bounced off the post.

With Arsenal now fielding four natural centre-backs, the team might have been expected to lack width but Ignasi Miquel then helped them back into game. Squillaci and Djourou collectively failed to clear David Fuster’s through-ball and instead played Rafik Djebbour through on goal.

Emmanuel Frimpong was caught in possession by Giannis Maniatis who played a hopeful through-ball that Mannone headed straight to Fuster.

There was further defensive disruption when Santos was forced off.. Djebbour threatened again moments later, only to collide with Fabianski who was stretchered off with a deep cut on his knee

Cyclone Phailin Threatens Tens Of Thousands In Eastern India

The Indian air force said four transport planes and 18 helicopters were being kept ready for relief operations in the region.

Weather forecasters had been predicting waves up to 2 meters (7 feet), but warned that the storm has been gaining strength and its impact could be severe.

If the storm continues on its current path without weakening, it is expected to cause large-scale power and communications outages and shut down road and rail links, officials said. This is the top of the barrel.”

The Indian Meteorological Department warned that Phailin was a “very severe cyclonic storm” that was expected to hit with maximum sustained winds of 210-220 kilometers (130-135 miles) per hour.

What makes this storm so fearsome is that there’s no wind shear to weaken it and the water that is fueling it is warm and deep, McNoldy said. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii forecast maximum sustained winds of 269 kilometers (167 miles) per hour with gusts up to 315 kilometers (196 miles) per hour.

“This is as bad as it gets,” said Masters, who used to fly into hurricanes. You don’t get these very often.”

To compare to killer U.S. meteorologists said this is a storm that is flirting with historic sized power.

Satellite images of the storm showed its spinning tails reaching nearly 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from the east coast of India to the west coast of Myanmar, an area roughly the size of France.

“If it’s not a record it’s really, really close,” University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy told The Associated Press. Raghuveera Reddy.

However, the U.S. “You really don’t get storms stronger than this anywhere in the world ever. Those are the ingredients for a record storm.

The government also began evacuating 64,000 people from the low-lying areas of three vulnerable districts in neighboring Andhra Pradesh state, said state Revenue Minister N. “This is a top end Category 5 cyclone. He called it a “critically dangerous situation with a rare Category 5 landfall,” which he said in that region has a history of being catastrophic..

BHUBANESHWAR, India — BHUBANESHWAR, India (AP) — Officials ordered tens of thousands of coastal villagers to flee their homes Friday as a massive cyclone that filled nearly the entire Bay of Bengal gathered strength and headed toward India’s eastern seaboard.

Officials have been stockpiling emergency food supplies, and setting up shelters for people expected to flee the heavy winds and rains. There would also be extensive damage to crops.

U.S. storms, McNoldy said Phailin is near the size of 2005′s Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1,200 people, but with the much stronger wind power of 1992′s Hurricane Andrew, which was a Category 5 storm at landfall in Miami.

Patra said officials plan to take another 100,000 people to safer areas before the cyclone hits.

Officials canceled holy day celebrations and stockpiled emergency supplies in coastal Orissa and Andhra Pradesh states, with forecasters saying Cyclone Phailin will hit the region Saturday evening.

The Bay of Bengal has been the scene of some of the deadliest storms in recent history. A 1999 Orissa cyclone killed 10,000 people.


Associated Press writer Seth Borenstein contributed to this report from Washington, D.C.

Using trucks and buses, authorities evacuated 40,000 people from 40 villages to government-run shelters, schools and buildings in five districts of Orissa state, said Surya Narayan Patra, the state revenue and disaster management minister.

This storm could get as deadly, but the region Phailin is aiming at is not quite as low lying, so that’s something that might lessen its death toll, said Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private Weather Underground.

“No one will be allowed to stay in mud and thatched houses in the coastal areas,” he said.

The storm shows no sign of weakening and has an impressive eye, said Ryan Maue of the private weather firm Weather Bell

Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona for 2011 Barclay’s Premier League

He was eventually named a captain of the squad in 2008Â-09 season, right before a troubling four-month injury took him out of action. News reports claim that Fabregas could join his new team early next week.

Fabregas will now return to Barcelona, the club he started with as a young teenager just growing into the sport. He has remained with the team through the current year, becoming one of the best young players at central midfielder in all of the sport. However, his stats from 2003 through the 2010Â-11 season include a total of 57 goals and 100 assists.

It appears that fans will finally see the arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, just in time for the 2011 Barclay’s Premier League season’s start. Barcelona has also signed Alexis Sanchez from Italian Serie A Side Udinese, and there is recent news that they’ve signed Joel Campbell, a 19-year-old Costa Rican player.

Fabregas was a trainee with FC Barcelona back when he was just 16 years old, but ended up being signed by Arsenal in 2003. With all of these moves, Arsenal is certainly priming itself to be back in the championship hunt for the Barclay’s Premier League 2011-12 season.

8 Benefits of online casinos – Chicago Personal Finance

Better to test your mettle online with a few bucks than go to Vegas and lose a few thousand dollars at one of the bigger games.

Maybe you’re not a beginner, but want to test out a new strategy. Either way, it is annoying to hear people criticize your play when you are learning to gamble.

In fact, you can play naked if you want, and no one will be the wiser. With an online casino, everyone is happy with the smoking and dress code.

As you probably noticed by now, many users choose online casinos because they are so much easier to use than a traditional casino. Instead, let us know in the comment section below why you enjoy online casinos.

Finally, online casinos record everything. Whether you do not have adequate transportation or your disability keeps you home-bound, you need an alternative.

1. Without knowing the score, how you will know if you improved?

Let’s start with the obvious benefit of online casinos. They’re convenient and accessible. Test-Drive Games

Sometimes I listened to my dismay, and other times I trusted my gut instinct. Great for Beginners

Most people go to a casino with a few hundred bucks in cash. The problem is that with so many people walking into a casino with cash, thieves know that this is prime real estate.

8. While it is not always available immediately, eventually you have a history of your play.


6. That is not always possible when playing at an offline casino.

Have you ever gone to a brick-and-mortar casino where they give you money to start betting? Probably not!. Safety


Online casinos are accessible to most persons with disabilities.

3. Just make sure that your webcam is not on at the time.

7. Free Money


Either you cannot stand the smell of smoke wafting in the air, or you miss smoking your Havana in a casino. Disabilities

This allows you to understand how you really did playing poker. Smoking and Dress Code

2. Some people are just not cut out that way. They provide a valuable testing ground to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

For those with disabilities, it is sometimes not possible to get to a casino. Convenience

When I first started playing, Blackjack at the casinos there was always some crusty old man telling me what I was doing right and wrong.

This is not an issue with online casinos. Testing out a new strategy while playing at a casino can sometimes be challenging.

However, online casinos know they need to entice you to start playing on their site. A good casino like Casino Sahara has secure protocols in place to secure your money while you play. Why drive up to an hour to go to an over-crowded casino, when you can sit down with some popcorn and soda in the comfort of your own home gambling on your terms.

However, do not take our word for it. To do that, sometimes they’ll give you chips to start playing.

An online casino is available to use 24/7, 365 days of the year.

That is why online casinos are useful. That in itself is the problem with traditional casinos. Recorded History of your Play

5. You can use them on your phone, your computer, or your tablet at your home or office (as long as they are okay with that).

Furthermore, not everyone is a World Series of Poker player

Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona for 2011 Barclay’s Premier League

News reports claim that Fabregas could join his new team early next week.

Fabregas will now return to Barcelona, the club he started with as a young teenager just growing into the sport. Barcelona has also signed Alexis Sanchez from Italian Serie A Side Udinese, and there is recent news that they’ve signed Joel Campbell, a 19-year-old Costa Rican player. He was eventually named a captain of the squad in 2008Â-09 season, right before a troubling four-month injury took him out of action. However, his stats from 2003 through the 2010Â-11 season include a total of 57 goals and 100 assists.. He has remained with the team through the current year, becoming one of the best young players at central midfielder in all of the sport. With all of these moves, Arsenal is certainly priming itself to be back in the championship hunt for the Barclay’s Premier League 2011-12 season.

Fabregas was a trainee with FC Barcelona back when he was just 16 years old, but ended up being signed by Arsenal in 2003. It appears that fans will finally see the arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, just in time for the 2011 Barclay’s Premier League season’s start

Chevron Slims Down to Put Its Money On Asia and Natural Gas

But it’s not drilling there because of low gas prices. In the end, Chevron will exit 53 markets in its refining business and sell 1,300 of its filling stations.

But it’s not all about making cuts. Based on those numbers, Asia’s demand will outpace global demand by more than 2 to 1.

By the end of year, Chevron (CVX) should be a leaner oil and gas company, shorn of some refineries and focused on its two best bets for growth: Asia and natural gas. It’s very attractive unconventional gas in comparison, I think, with many. The company’s refining business — along with virtually every other U.S. That means the company’s global downstream business, which employs 19,000 people, will be 20 percent smaller within two years. That’s on top of 1,900 job cuts announced last year. As global demand for electricity rises, oil majors like Chevron are betting that natural gas — not coal — will be the best fuel source to meet those needs.

Photo of natural gas flame by Flickr user Dobrych, CC 2.0

© 2010 CBS Interactive Inc.. And that’s because many believe the world, especially developing nations, will turn to natural gas to meet their power generation needs. There is a big opportunity for us both in the Piceance and Haynesville if gas prices would come back … Chevron will keep refining operations in North America and the Asia-Pacific region, its best performing markets. It also will sell its fuels marketing, aviation and lubricants businesses in the Caribbean and in some parts of Central America. Asia, with its ever-increasing appetite for energy, is a huge opportunity for Chevron. until prices rise.

See additional BNET Energy coverage of Chevron:

Chevron does have a number of unconventional gas plays in the U.S., including about 35,000 acres in the Piceance Basin in Colorado and Haynesville in Texas. The demand for gas in Asia is expected to more than double between 2005 and 2030, according to the Energy Information Administration. More refineries are expected to come on line this year and demand in Europe and North America is still stagnant. refiner — suffered in 2009. But with U.S. Chevron’s not waiting around to see if it recovers. So there’s no reason to waste money drilling in the U.S. The recession sapped demand for fuel and at the same time more refiners came on line, which led to an overload of capacity and weak margins. The company is still fully committed to the fossil fuel. Exxon, for example, acquired XTO Energy (XTO), an independent producer that specializes in unconventional gas, for $41 billion last year.. All Rights Reserved.

Majors like Exxon (XOM) also have LNG projects in the Asia Pacific, but have been more aggressive in the unconventional North America market as well. But none of this will come without pain.

Chevron will cut 2,000 jobs in its refining and marketing division, the company said during a security analyst meeting Tuesday. Chevron has 30 natural gas projects and more than 48 percent of its gas resources are concentrated in the Asia Pacific region.

Last Updated Mar 10, 2010 3:31 PM EST

With so many other small and major oil companies jumping on the unconventional gas band wagon, this is a smart move. Instead, it will sell its 210,000 barrels per day Pembroke refinery in the U.K., perhaps the only area with worse demand than the U.S. In short, it was hard to make buck refining and selling fuel products.

Unlike other oil majors, Chevron has focused on liquefied natural gas in the Asia-Pacific, and not unconventional shale gas in North America. Chevron is poised to ramp up production fairly quickly if it needs too. Chevron will have severance charges between $150 million and $200 million on an after-tax basis in the first quarter this year as a result of the job cuts.

Chevron is left with little choice but to cut and run from the weakest areas of its refinery, marketing and transportation division. gas prices being so low, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend the money there.

And the future doesn’t look much better. But like other oil majors, gas has become the darling of the decade. And there are no plans to start back up any time soon, George Kirkland, vice president for global upstream and gas, said during the investor conference.

It’s not that Chevron has ditched oil

Top 10 Most Difficult Names in Football (Soccer)

Other meanings of the name suggest that the person is a hard worker, creative and has the drive to be successful. Here is a list of the top 10 most difficult names of famous footballers around the world;

Panagiotis Tachtsidis

9) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

1) Kolbeinn Sigþórsson

6) Stefan Kießling

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The German international was born on 19th July 1988 and plays as a winger for German side Borussia Dortmund. His last name D?emaili means determined, eventful and versatile. He has certainly been successful since arriving at Dortmund back in 2007 and has been a regular starter, helping the side to 2 Bundesliga titles as well as 1 DFB Pokal title. His last name Kießling means wealthy, honest and either very successful or very miserly. Bought in the summer of 2013, he was purchased to play as a a back up to fellow defender Mats Hummels who has been approached by Spanish champions Barcelona and has also had a couple of injuries during the last 2 seasons. His determination is a key quality in midfield where he is confident to jump into tackles and laying assists for him team mates as well.

Leon Goretzka


Yevhen Konoplyanka


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Benoît Assou-Ekotto


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Followed in almost every country around the world, football is the most played and watched sport on the planet. He has developed into a decent goalkeeper since having been called up from the Arsenal youth team and at the age of 23, he has lots of time to mature into one of the Arsenal greats. The player’s last name Aubamayang means energetic and generous. The player also boasts a good record for the Icelandic national team, scoring 13 goals in 19 appearances.

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 Last updated on September 7, 2014


5) Gylfi Sigurðsson

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7) Kevin Großkreutz

5 players from the list belong to German club Borussia Dortmund. The player has acheived some success on a personal level scoring 25 goals in 34 appearances in the league to be crowned the Bundesliga Top Scorer for the 2012-13 season but has not been able to help his team to trophies, finishing as runners up in the league during the 2010-11 season.

The Gabonese international was born on 18th June 1989 and plays as a striker for German club Borussia Dortmund. He is considerably experienced, having played in the Serie A as well as the Bundesliga before and his eagerness to say yes to a transfer to the club highlights his is a statement of intent that the player is not afraid of a challenge and is ready to fly with the big boys.

2) Sokratis Papastathopoulos

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Stephan El Shaarawy


Simon Kjær

South African

The Icelandic international was born on 14th March 1990 and plays as a striker for Dutch club Ajax. As for his honesty, the player most recently celebrated a goal which wasn’t against rival club Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga. If he keeps on grabbing the headlines, the world will finally be able to spell his name correctly.

8) Blerim D?emaili

Vasilis Torosidis

The Polish footballer was born on 18th April 1990 and plays as a goalkeeper for English club Arsenal. Along with his good goal scoring run, the player creates a host of opportunities for his team well. I wonder if this might some tactic to buy players with really difficult names in order to confuse the opponents and make them forget who they were assigned to man mark. He is full of running but sometimes becomes greedy to score a goal rather than passing the ball to a team mate.

The Greek international was born on 9th June 1988 and plays as a centre back at Borussia Dortmund. His last name Sigþórsson means independent and perfectionist. The player can play in a variety of position including both a attacking and defensive midfielder role as well as in the centre of midfield. He has won an array of awards so far, with his last season with Shakhtar being the most fruitful which saw him bag the Ukranian Premier League Golden Boot and the title of Ukrainian Premier League Footballer of the Year for the 2012-13 season as well guiding the club to a 1st place finish in the league and cup. His last name Mkhitaryan is based on the Armenian root word “mekhitar” which means healer or consoler. The player has all these qualities, giving a 100% on the field after enjoying a good last season with former club Shakhtar Donetsk, scoring 25 goals in 29 matches which was the league best. The player has shown these qualities time and time again by beating defenders for pace and by not being afraid to run with the ball. His last name Szcz?sny means having the ability to learn easily and peacemaker. The first quality is true of most footballers who play in top teams, and as for the player, he earns around EUR552,000 which is a good amount.

Player Name


10) Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

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The Armenian footballer was born on 21st January 1989 and plays as an attacking midfielder for German club Borussia Dortmund. He also boasts a good goal scoring record with about 50 goals to his name, all scored from midfield.

And the award for the most ridiculous of names (no offense) goes to…… With over 265 million people said to be associated with the sport in one way or another, there are bound to be some names that you come across as overly complicated and difficult to pronounce in a proper way due to their various language roots. The player has scored 42 goals in almost a 100 appearances since starting his career, with some fine solo goals in that mix to help Ajax to 2 Eredivisie titles. The player has achieved a lot of success with his team, winning the Bundesliga 2 times as well as reaching the UEFA Champions League final in the 2012-13 season. His last name Sigurðsson means courageous, bold, energetic and strong willed. He does not shy away from a duel with a rival during matches and always looks to attempt a difficult pass to open up the field of play. Known as Kuba, his last name B?aszczykowski means having the ability to reach great heights and dependable. The ball somehow ended up in the back of the net after the player headed the ball into the side netting which resulted in Leverkusen winning 2-1, resulting in a lot of controversy. He has shown his generosity by not letting his team down in the goals department, scoring an array of goals during his time at former club Saint-Étienne where he finished as the 2nd top scorer in Ligue 1.

The Icelandic international was born on 8th September 1989 and plays as an attacking midfielder for English club Tottenham Hotspur. His last name Papastathopoulos means clever and able to accomplish the impossible dream. Some other players worth mentioning include;

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Siphiwe Tshabalala

The Swiss player was born on 12th April 1986 and plays as a central midfilder for Italian side Napoli. He is also known for having a cool head, not getting involved in a lot of skirmishes.

3) Jakub B?aszczykowski

Born on 14th December 1985, he is the captain of the Polish national team and plays as a winger for his club Borussia Dortmund. It is common that a player’s surname is written on the back of the player’s kit, but in his case, his kit has his first name on the back simply because his last name is too long to fit. Along with his pace, he also has a sublime pass to split open defenses and can be depended upon laying assists for his team mates.

4) Wojciech Szcz?sny

The German player was born on 25th January 1984 and plays as a striker at German club Bayer Leverkusen. His last name Großkreutz means unique and mysterious