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The scientist spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

Because the U.S. The original triggers, all made at the now-closed Rocky Flats facility in Colorado, were hammered into precise form. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Raymond Jeanloz of the University of California at Berkeley, a longtime adviser to the government on nuclear weapons issues, said in an interview he is not surprised there have been some modification in the W88 warhead, but that does not mean it is less reliable.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kevin Roark, a spokesman for the Los Alamos weapons program said the changes in specifications “have been fully explored, fully vetted and fully accepted by NNSA and engineering analysis (conducted) by us.”

A single trigger made at Rocky Flats cost less than $4 million. The last of the original triggers were manufactured in the late 1980s.

In an e-mail response to the watchdog group’s claims, Bernard Pleau, a spokesman for the agency’s office at Los Alamos, said the changes do not “compromise the integrity of the parts. She posed that question in a letter last Friday to Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman.

Officials say the cost figures reflect the fact that new facilities and a new process for making the replacement triggers had to be developed. no longer conducts underground nuclear tests, the Los Alamos scientists had to rely on other sources to replicate the original triggers and guarantee that the replacements would be as reliable as the old. This process is viewed by metallurgists as producing a stronger product.

The government will not say how many W88 warheads it has. halted in 1992, and through a different process than the replacements. Los Alamos National Laboratory:

Any variation or flaw in the pit could cause a warhead not to detonate properly or to detonate with less explosive power than expected.

“With this large number of waivers, how is it possible to objectively tell whether the pit will even work?” said Danielle Brian, executive director of the group that monitors nuclear weapons-related activities. Scientists at Los Alamos and at the government’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California concluded the change did not degrade the reliability of the triggers, according to NNSA.

On the Net:

“The manufacturing process for the W88 has been incredibly, thoroughly vetted,” said Jeanloz. For years, however, testing the warhead’s components to ensure the weapon produces the intended blast instead of a fizzle has been complicated by a lack of replacement plutonium triggers.

Last summer, the first replacement plutonium trigger in 18 years received “diamond stamp” approval signaling it was ready for use in a warhead. The original triggers were made with the benefit of underground nuclear testing, which the U.S. That difference in cost was noted by Brian in the letter to the energy secretary.

Project on Government Oversight:

The government acknowledges differences between the old triggers and their replacements.

Since last summer’s announcement, the Los Alamos lab has made 10 additional W88 triggers. That, in turn, creates the high temperatures and pressure to ignite a “secondary” nuclear component. So far, nine have earned the “diamond stamp” from the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the lab’s programs. Such approval means they are ready to use.


The change in manufacturing process, from wrought to cast, has been a subject of debate and extensive analysis among those involved in nuclear weapons. All rights reserved. He was on a panel that last year concluded the plutonium in warhead triggers is much sturdier than previously thought, with a life span of as much 100 years.

The new ones were made by using a mold to cast the grapefruit-size plutonium sphere. These means included small-scale plutonium tests, technical data from past underground tests, and computer codes and models.

The Project on Government Oversight says it was told by some Los Alamos scientists that the trigger certified last July and known as the W88 pit needed 72 waivers from the specifications used for the original triggers, including 53 engineering-related changes.

By H. The number has been estimated at about 400, in addition to an estimated 3,200 W76 warheads that also are designed for the submarine-based Trident II missile.


Resting atop the Trident II missile, the W88 warhead is among the mainstays of the country’s submarine-based nuclear arsenal. At Los Alamos, it has cost an estimated $430 million over 10 years to certify the first trigger. To scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, that was a milestone to celebrate. It meant the warheads, after testing that makes the original trigger unsuitable for reuse, could be reassembled with a new trigger and put back into service.

In a warhead’s detonation, a conventional explosive packaged around the pit compresses the plutonium inward, creating enough pressure for an atomic chain reaction. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer

National Nuclear Security Administration:

But Los Alamos and agency officials bristle at suggestions that the new triggers might be less reliable or have flaws that could affect their performance.

Precise manufacture of the trigger is essential.

The agency acknowledged there were “more than 70 engineering authorizations” _ as it characterizes the waivers _ approved in the new W88 pit certification and that this was a “relative high number.”

A watchdog group now is raising questions about whether the replacement triggers, also known as pits, can be guaranteed to be as reliable as those already in some 400 W88 warheads. The result is a a massive hydrogen blast. – Quality of Nuclear Devices Questioned – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

. That required extensive computer modeling and testing to assure precise shape, size and weight and that the triggers meet performance requirements.

At least one other replacement pit required 71 specification waivers, a Los Alamos scientist indirectly involved in the production process told The Associated Press. The bottom line _ the pits produced meet all functional quality requirements for use and are fully accepted by NNSA.”

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press

Spurs bets go East; RESULT!

What are the

odds on that? Spurs have announced Fun88 as the club’s official

Asian betting and gaming partner in a lucrative twoyear deal. l y e Football clubs are always looking at ways to gain a

slice of the massive Asian market, if only to access pirate DVDs. s e I

told a mate the other day that I once went to a casino in central Asia.

“Tibet?” he asked. All rights reserved.

AT a time when most Premier League teams are signing players,

Tottenham have signed two deals with betting companies. But most British men have done the same thing.

. “Why else?” I answered.

It does sound a bit like cheating, having one UK partner and one

Asian partner.

iabat Spurs and Fun88 hope inside the two-year agreement to launch

a new bespoke betting microsite and that’s not a bad idea – in two

years people might just know what it means.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

k The Londoners have also just signed a deal making Betfred their

official UK partner.


Copyright 2012 Gale, Cengage Learning. l g -The

agent for Emmanuel Adebayor (right) has already requested 10 per cent of

the deal

What if JFK Lived? Vietnam, President Cheney and a 21st Century War with the USSR? | Anthony Lappe

He expands his already extensive spying operation on the White House. A crane breaks and drops a load of lumbar in the sand. The U.S. Beaumont, Texas.” width=”52″ height=”52″/>

A minor league baseball stadium. When a march on Jackson, Mississippi is met with extreme violence from local police and KKK members, riots engulf southern cities. Secretary of Defense refuses to deny that the Pentagon is increasing the flow of covert arms to insurgents in the Soviet Union. He had been keeping his own file on Hoover. The economy stalls, and innovation, once the hallmark of the Kennedy legacy, proves illusive. is about to go to war with a still-kicking Soviet Union? JFK WTF? you say. Pressure from his hawkish advisors to send ground troops to Vietnam is ignored. They establish radical anti-capitalist training camps in the USSR’s Central Asian Republics. Is it plausible? That’s for you to decide. A war in the Middle East disrupts the economy, and the U.S. Meanwhile, reformers in the Soviet Union stay out of the fray, liberalizing their economy and expanding their oil infrastructure throughout Soviet Central Asia, bringing in much needed hard currency. The president is gravely wounded. But the country is in flames. He is still the Cold Warrior he ever was, in that he believes American values will triumph over communism, but he is now committed to finding a peaceful way to achieve those ends. begin to fray. Aides warn he’s moving too fast — that the south will buck at being forced to integrate by an elitist Catholic chief executive. But the coming two decades prove difficult for the country.

January 1973. He begins speaking in stark terms about the need for world peace and a move away from violence as an instrument of foreign policy. George W. Like Watergate, the coverup proves worse than the original crime. There is no draft. At first there are no takers. He is currently a consultant for the National Geographic Channel and a freelance producer for Radical Media.  The driver tries to free her, but can't. He is clinically dead for several minutes before dramatically being revived as live TV cameras report from outside the hospital. </p>
<p><img src=

A respected columnist reports the true extent of JFK’s chronic health problems, which first surfaced in the wake of the assassination attempt. army troops and local police. As he slumps down in his seat a third whizzes by his head, missing by inches. The girl is trapped. Join me in the way-back machine for a thought experiment in JFK alternate history:

November 1965. America's most popular touch-screen gadget, the iBerry, is produced by cheap Soviet labor.  </p>
<p>Hoover begins leaking wiretaps of MLK Jr. Washington, D.C.” width=”52″ height=”52″/></p>
<p>RFK’s election victory over Herbert Hoover is short-lived. The world holds its breath.</p>
<p>November 22, 1963</p>
<p>The scandal widens when the White House attempts a coverup. Berkeley, California” width=”52″ height=”52″/></p>
<p>The late 60s are a time of earnestness.  He even hints that he has damaging evidence on the Kennedy brothers. </p>
<p>The New Cold War</p>
<p>The late 60s are a time of earnestness.  </p>
<p>Commentators call it the “Martyr’s Mandate” as he pushes forward a new foreign policy agenda that calls for the launch of disarmament talks with the Soviets and an increase in official communication and cultural exchanges.</p>
<p>November 22, 2013: Terrorists have hijacked a passenger plane and have flown them into an American military base in Europe. </p>
<p>July 19, 1969, Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts: A sports car barrels down a dark road. The “Cold War,” dormant since the 60s, heats up again. But the truth is that history is a dialectic. There’s a tense stand off between U.S. But behind the scenes, storm clouds are gathering.  The U.S. Without the war, here is no Woodstock and the counter-culture gets subsumed by the Kennedy’s New Frontier ethos. Saudi Arabia.” width=”52″ height=”52″/></p>
<p>A strip mall is under construction in the desert. </p>
<p>But everything JFK would try to do would almost be derailed by a scandal that nearly destroys the Kennedy legacy. He has weathered six international crises, including a bungled invasion of Cuba, the erection of the Berlin Wall and a standoff with the Soviets over missiles that brought the human race to the brink of oblivion. Nixon who had pledged an end to the racial turmoil, a law-and-order approach that respected southern traditions. was never going to amount to much.</p>
<p>When RFK announces he has invited a Soviet astronaut to the join an Apollo mission to the moon as a symbol of peace it’s the last straw for the FBI Director and other conservative plotters. </p>
<p>The New Terror</p>
<p>It’s the final act in a battle of political titans that would define the 60s.  A poster in a New York subway station reads: “If you see something, say something,” above a picture of a sneaky Trotsky-esque character wearing a Soviet beret and a backpack.  </p>
<p>A Different 60s</p>
<p>Surviving the assassination has a powerful psychological effect on him.  A rally on on the Berkeley campus takes a much different tone.</p>
<p>The blood-soaked First Lady emerges as a hero. Red Square, Moscow, USSR.  </p>
<p><img class=

Without the Vietnam War, the landscape of America in the 1960s is radically different. Hoover sees his chance, and is finally able to find a journalist willing to publish the revelations of his surveillance on the president. And he releases information exposing the FBI director’s longtime gambling habit, ties to organized crime, and even drops hints of his homosexuality. No body bags coming back.


American troops are amassed at the border of a Central Asian republic. What may seem like a miracle in the present might have long term consequences no one can predict. Kennedy: An Alternate History.

RFK’s victory over Hoover is short-lived.

As the motorcade makes its way through Dallas, adoring crowds line the route. The terrorists are communists, trained in the USSR.

When Afghanistan falls to indigenous rebels, the Soviets, seeing America’s problems in Egypt, decide not to invade, instead preferring to focus on solidifying control of the existing satellite republics. The unmistakable white glass sheen of an iBerry store looms over Moscow’s Red Square, with a hammer and sickle on top. A large portion of the public is appalled, and dramatic hearings begin

What are your best frugal living tips? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

I agree with the hubber who says – write down every single penny spent. Make a hobby of it.

Swap unused items with friends, neighbors etc. Make it a festive occasion.

Live on less. you will feel the ‘pain’ of the immediacy of that money spent.

Buy as many items ‘on sale’ or ‘reduced’ as possible. Everything homemade tastes better, so therefore, i believe, your needs are more satisfied.

Re-vamp old items into ‘new’ furniture, clothes, curtains, cushions. Make a philosophy of it.

. By not going to the store for these items you will make better use of your time, energy and ingredients.

Bake your own items – bread, cakes, pies etc. Make a ‘hobby’ of it.

Look for the discounted items.

Ask for discount.

Look for the ‘free’ items. That way you can ‘track’ your money.

Grow your own veg, fruit, keep hens, ducks, poultry – even in a small space. Get ideas from magazines, online.

Discard the credit card – use a debit card, if needed. for things you want

‘First legal’ U.S. online gambling Site launches, but for Nevada residents only – National Technology

That alone would halt IP spoofing.. We’re the first, not only in Nevada but in America, to offer real money poker in a regulated environment.

Ultimate Poker Chairman Tom Breitling said Monday:

The United States’ first fully legal online poker site launched on Tuesday. Burnett, the chair of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, said:

It’s possible, anyway, that players in other states won’t have to wait long for online gambling to reach their borders. There is, however, one big catch: Gameplay is limited to those who are physically present within the state of Nevada.

Think of it like the Mega Millions and other multi-state lottery programs. Likewise, there won’t be enough money for tournament players to win until the prize pools are large enough.

Nevada is now the first state to accept legal, regulated interactive wagers.

This is an important day for the gaming industry. After the 2011 “Black Friday” that took down PokerStars and other sites, a court of appeals overturned the Federal Wire Act law that banned states from legitimizing online gambling for the use of their own residents. While both the site and Nevada state regulators are staying mum on their procedures, state regulators said that the method used to determine a player’s location will be far more extensive than simple IP-based geo-location.

Although the measures being taken are still hush-hush, Chris Derossi, Ultimate Poker’s CTO gave a clue when he said that all players must have a mobile device that can be traced through mobile networks. It’s a big day and I’m proud of the state.

Earlier this year, Nevada’s governor signed a bill into law, authorizing online gambling for Nevada residents. Nevada (as you might expect) was the first jump on the bandwagon.

However, don’t get your hopes up. He said:

A.G. They’d never be able to boast these gigantic nine-figure jackpots if they had to keep all lotteries intrastate. The only way such gamblers would opt for online gaming, Matthew Stout, one of the top-ranked poker players worldwide said, would be if the states pooled their resources in a manner similar to multi-state lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Both New Jersey and Delaware now also have similar laws on their books, but Nevada is the first state to go live with an authorized online gambling site.

Naturally, this might bring to mind one word: Tor (or any other proxy server software that can spoof your location).

High stakes pokers players, however, say that poker games isolated to a single state are too small to attract the big players

Từ dấu vết “ong trum” M88 …dến kham pha “ong trum” Fun88 | Phap luật

Thanh b?t ??u “?i?u tra” và bi?t mình ?ang ph?c v? cho ???ng dây cá ?? c?c l?n, mang tên – m?t trang m?ng cá ?? qu?c t?.

. T??ng và Na cùng ?i?u hành qu?n lý ti?m vàng T??ng Th?nh s? 21 An D??ng V??ng, ph??ng 8, qu?n 5, TPHCM và ???c m?t ng??i mang tên n??c ngoài g?i ??n ?? v?n chuy?n ngo?i t? ra n??c ngoài nh?m h??ng l?i b?t chính. Rõng rã ?i?u tra, ??n gi?a tháng 3.2015, C? quan CS?T B? Công an ?ã tri?t phá ???ng dây cá c??c này, kh?i t? b?t giam 23 ??i t??ng. 

Tr? l?i v?i v? án 188bet – n?i có l??ng hàng ch?c ngàn con b?c tham gia, v?i s? ti?n hàng ngàn t? ??ng giao d?ch cá ??, ?ã ???c C45 và C50 B? Công an bóc g? n?m 2013 – có th? th?y, m?c ?? và tính ch?t vi ph?m pháp lu?t c?a hình th?c bài b?c này h?t s?c nghiêm tr?ng.

Liên ti?p trong nhi?u ngày v?a qua, B? Công an ?ã khám xét nhi?u ?i?m t?i TPHCM, b?t hàng lo?t các ??i t??ng liên quan, thu gi? s? l??ng l?n tang v?t v? án. Theo ?ó, l?c l??ng C?c C?nh sát phòng ch?ng t?i ph?m s? d?ng công ngh? cao (C50) ph?i h?p C?c CS?T t?i ph?m v? tr?t t? xã h?i (C45) B? Công an ?ã theo dõi, n?m b?t toàn b? quy lu?t ho?t ??ng c?a Cty truy?n thông do Toàn làm giám ??c v?i nhi?u bi?u hi?n t? ch?c bài b?c qua trang m?ng Fun88, c?ng ??t máy ch? ? n??c ngoài t??ng t? nh? M88. Tuy nhiên, tháng 10.2011, ông giám ??c này ?ã sang b??c ngo?t m?i khi ???c m?t ng??i b?n gi?i thi?u v?i m?t Cty ? Philippines, vi?c làm nh? nhàng mà thu nh?p thì vào hàng “kh?ng”. ??c bi?t, nhi?u tài kho?n t?i ngân hàng ?ã ???c phong t?a, ?ây là b?ng ch?ng v? s? l??ng c?c l?n dòng ti?n ?ánh b?c ???c chuy?n kho?n ra n??c ngoài và giao d?ch th?ng-thua c?a các con b?c kh?p c? n??c. Theo nh?n xét c?a c? quan CS?T B? Công an, khi tri?t phá ???ng dây này, nh?ng “ông trùm” n?m ? n??c ngoài l?i câu k?t v?i các ??i t??ng khác trong n??c, t? ch?c thành nh?ng ???ng dây cá c??c khác, khi?n tình hình h?t s?c ph?c t?p, cu?c ??u tranh phòng ch?ng t?i ph?m s? d?ng công ngh? cao c?ng h?t s?c cam go và lâu dài. Các ??i t??ng ?ã v?n chuy?n trái phép qua biên gi?i Vi?t Nam – Trung Qu?c h?n 242 t? ??ng.

Và th? là hành trình ph?m t?i c?a “ông trùm” V??ng Ch?n Thanh b?t ??u. Công tác ?i?u tra còn cho th?y, Ph?m Huy Toàn là ??i t??ng t?ng ti?n án v? t?i “l?a ??o chi?m ?o?t tài s?n”.

?ây là v? án có tính ch?t ??c bi?t nghiêm tr?ng, ???c t? ch?c ch?t ch?, ho?t ??ng trong th?i gian dài, s? l??ng ti?n v?n chuy?n trái phép qua biên gi?i r?t l?n. ??n tháng 5.2012, do th?y l??ng ti?n chuy?n vào tài kho?n quá l?n, tên ng??i nh?n th??ng l?p ?i l?p l?i nhi?u l?n, ??ng th?i, tr??c mùa gi?i bóng ?á Euro 2012, Cty t?i Philippines l?i yêu c?u Thanh m? thêm nhi?u tài kho?n t?i nhi?u ngân hàng khác nhau ?? h? nh?n giao d?ch s? ti?n l?n, nên Thanh b?t ??u nghi ng? ?ây là ti?n cá ?? qua m?ng.

?i?u ?áng chú ý là khi m? r?ng ?i?u tra v? án này, ngay ngày 31.10.2013, C? quan CS?T B? Công an ?ã kh?i t? b? sung v? án hình s? “v?n chuy?n trái phép hàng hóa, ti?n t? qua biên gi?i” ??i v?i 3 ??i t??ng. ???ng dây do V??ng Chánh Thanh (SN 1976, ng? s? 335, ???ng Tân Ph??c, ph??ng 6, qu?n 11, TPHCM) c?m ??u. Trong ?ó có Do Tú T??ng (SN 1978, ng? s? 21, ???ng An D??ng V??ng, ph??ng 8, qu?n 5, TPHCM), Lai Siêu Na (SN 1973, ch? ru?t T??ng) và Nguy?n Th? Biên (SN 1979, ng? 85, ???ng Vân ??n, khu 2, ph??ng Tr?n Phú, TP.Móng Cái, t?nh Qu?ng Ninh). T??ng, Na và Biên ?ã l?i d?ng s? h?, thi?u sót trong công tác qu?n lý kinh doanh, mua bán, thu ??i ngo?i t?, v?n chuy?n ti?n t? thông qua giao d?ch gi?a các tài kho?n cá nhân ???c m? t?i ngân hàng. T?i C? quan ?i?u tra, Toàn và ??ng b?n khai nh?n, Toàn thành l?p Cty c? ph?n truy?n thông FAM, ??t tr? s? t?i m?t tòa nhà trên ???ng ?inh Tiên Hoàng, ph??ng ?a Kao, qu?n 1, TPHCM v?i ch?c n?ng ??ng ký kinh doanh là qu?ng cáo, marketing… trên m?ng Internet. và ra quy?t ??nh kh?i t? ?i?u tra v? án “t? ch?c ?ánh b?c và ?ánh b?c”. Tuy nhiên, Toàn và ??ng ph?m núp bóng Cty t? ch?c ho?t ??ng ?ánh b?c, cá ?? qua m?ng Internet.

Không ch? liên quan t?i ???ng dây cá ?? M88, ông trùm này còn t? tay ?i?u hành m?t trang m?ng khác có quy mô cá ?? c?c l?n, mang tên Hi?n v? án ?ang ???c B? Công an m? r?ng ?i?u tra truy xét.

T?i th?i ?i?m ban ??u này, Thanh còn “nai t?”, không bi?t mình ?ang d?n thân vào ???ng dây cá c??c qu?c t? c?c l?n, v?n âm th?m ?i giao d?ch nh?n và chuy?n ti?n cá c??c cho b?n t?i ph?m n??c ngoài. N?m 2003, Thanh làm Giám ??c Cty Viettinnet. ?ây c?ng là ???ng dây cá c??c có quy mô c?c l?n, s? ti?n bài b?c d?ng “kh?ng”, ?ang ???c ?i?u tra, th?ng kê.

Khi m? r?ng ?i?u tra v? án ?ánh b?c trên trang m?ng, C? quan CS?T B? Công an ?ã khám phá thêm 3 ??i t??ng liên quan t?i t?i danh “v?n chuy?n trái phép hàng hóa, ti?n t? qua biên gi?i”.

Liên quan ??n ???ng dây ?ánh b?c M88 mà chúng tôi ?ã nêu trong Báo L??S s? ra ngày 19.3, C? quan ?i?u tra còn khám phá thêm ???ng dây t?i ph?m cá ?? c?c l?n khác ??t b?n doanh ngay t?i trung tâm Sài Gòn, mang tên Fun88. Ban ??u, Thanh m? các tài kho?n theo h??ng d?n t? n??c ngoài, chuy?n và rút ti?n nh?ng ch?a nh?n ???c ti?n công.

Qua ?i?u tra, Toàn c?ng là ??i t??ng liên quan ??n ???ng dây bài b?c qua trang m?ng (?ã b? B? Công an tri?t phá). Cty th??ng xuyên ??ng ký tuy?n d?ng nhân viên, nh?ng khi vào làm vi?c t?i Cty, Toàn yêu c?u m?i nhân viên ph?i m? t? 5 – 6 tài kho?n cá nhân t?i các ngân hàng, r?i làm gi?y ?y quy?n, giao tài kho?n cho Toàn nh?m m?c ?ích s? d?ng ?? thanh toán giao d?ch ti?n bài b?c qua trang m?ng Fun88. T? ngày 18 – 24.10.2013, C? quan CS?T B? Công an ?ã th?c hi?n l?nh khám xét kh?n c?p ??i v?i 7 ??i t??ng, trong ?ó có V??ng Ch?n Thanh và v? là ?àm Kim Khuy?n, cùng em ru?t c?a Thanh là V??ng Thúy H?ng… ??n n?m 2005, Thanh thành l?p Cty TNHH Vi?n Tin kinh doanh máy tính b?ng, ?i?n t? vi?n thông, camera quan sát…

Ng??i ch?i ph?i n?p ti?n ?ôla M? ho?c ti?n ??ng qua tài kho?n ngân hàng cho Toàn và ??ng b?n b?ng, sau ?ó ???c nh?n m?t tài kho?n trên trang m?ng Fun88 có s? ti?n ?o t??ng ???ng s? ti?n ?ã n?p cho Toàn, r?i dùng tài kho?n ?o này ?ánh b?c tr?c tuy?n, d??i hình th?c cá ?? bóng ?á và nhi?u môn th? thao trên th? gi?i khác…

C? quan CS?T B? Công an c?ng ?ã có k?t lu?n ?i?u tra v? án 188bet. Theo ?ó, “ông trùm” V??ng Ch?n Thanh t?ng t?t nghi?p ??i h?c chuyên ngành công ngh? thông tin, n?m 2000 m? l?p d?y tin h?c và ti?ng Trung. ?ây là ???ng dây do Ph?m Huy Toàn (SN 1977, ng? qu?n Bình Th?nh, TPHCM) c?m ??u. Tính ??n nay, C? quan CS?T ?ã kh?i t? t?ng c?ng 66 b? can trong v? án 188bet, trong ?ó có 5 b? can b? kh?i t? t?i danh “t? ch?c ?ánh b?c”, 3 b? can v? t?i “v?n chuy?n trái phép hàng hóa, ti?n t? qua biên gi?i” và 59 b? can v? t?i “?ánh b?c”.

Ho?t ??ng c?a 2 ???ng dây ?ánh b?c tr?c tuy?n là M88 và Fun88 cho th?y t? n?n bài b?c di?n ra ph?c t?p. Thanh ti?p t?c nh? ng??i thân trong gia ?ình, các nhân viên trong Cty do Thanh làm giám ??c m? hàng lo?t tài kho?n t?i nhi?u ngân hàng ?? ph?c v? vi?c giao d?ch chuy?n nh?n ti?n cá ?? bóng ?á cho 188bet, s? ti?n h?n 195 t? ??ng, tính ??n ngày sa l??i c?nh sát (ngày 18.10.2013).

L?n theo hành trình phá án

188bet – ???ng dây cá ??, “ch?y” ngo?i t? ra n??c ngoài

T? gi?a n?m 2012 ??n nay, Toàn chuy?n giao Cty cho em h? là V? Vi?t H?i (SN 1985, ng? qu?n 1, TPHCM) qu?n lý, tuy nhiên m?i ho?t ??ng ??u do Toàn ch? ??o

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Diet sering kali disamakan dengan mengurangi porsi makan lemak dan karbohidrat yang sering ditafsirkan tidak makan nasi atau mengurangi makan nasi.

Tags: Tour Operator India, South India Packages, Travel AgentTour Operator India Taking Your First Backpacking Trip

By: My-Holidays | Jan 30th 2013 – Tour Operator India fourth factor is ease of travel. Semua hal tersebut dapat dilakukan secara online. Kur’an-? Kerim kullanarak savunucular? Müslüman sosyal olarak Kur’an’?n kullan?m? dahil etmek için ayn? … … This martial art is divided into two categories. Indian trains are crowded all the time.

Tags: toko bunga rangkaian murah online di jakarta|toko bunga online|toko bunga murah|toko bunga online|toko bunga papan|toko bunga dekorasi|jakarta floristRelish The Senior Living Utah

By: safe | Nov 14th 2011 – When we were a child, the ride on the rocking horse was the most adventurous one.

Tags: makanan diet, makanan diet sehat, makanan yang baik dietA Trip To New Orleans

By: Daniel Pott | Jan 28th 2010 – If you are planning a trip to Mardi gras this year with your friends you might want to check out this article.

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Ltc Europe Packages With London Taking Your First Backpacking Trip

By: My-Holidays | Feb 4th 2013 – LTC Europe Packages With London fourth factor is simplicity of travel. Indian trains are crowded continuously. Ketika seseorang mampu fokus, benar-benar fokus, hanya pada satu tugas, sering kali tugas i …


By: Juhani Tontti | Jun 25th 2010 – There are a lot of senior citizens, who live with a very limited amount of money.

Tags: Tour Operator India, Kerala Tour Packages, LTC Kerala TourKerala Tour Packages Taking Your First Backpacking Trip

By: My-Holidays | Feb 1st 2013 – Kerala Tour Packages fourth factor is simplicity of travel.

Tags: Konsultan iso, iso Consultant, ISO 9001, konsultan iso 14001Kami Adalah Konsultan Bisnis, Jasa Konsultan Manajemen, Konsultan Ritel, Terpercaya Dan No.1

By: rekohandoyo | May 17th 2009 – KAMI ADALAH KONSULTAN BISNIS, KONSULTAN MANAJEMEN STRATEGI, KONSULTAN RITEL, KONSULTAN MANAJEMEN PERUSAHAAN, KONSULTAN SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA, KONSULTAN BISNIS MANAJEMEN, KONSULTAN BISNIS, MANAJEMEN CONSULTANT, KONSULTAN MANAJEMEN, KONSULTAN BISNIS STRATEGI, KONSULTAN STRATEGI,BISNIS STRATEGI,KONSULTAN BISNIS STRATEGI, BISNI … You just have to search a little bit further .. Added to the rush and crowd is the fact that trains seldom run on time. This art is widely known in Indonesia and Malaysia but can also be found in Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia. 081389411679 . Together with the rush and crowd is that often trains seldom are powered by time. Major stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or other major cities can be a beehive of activity. Its by far one of that the most popular weight loss supplements on the market nowadays.

Tags: best raspberry ketones, raspberry ketone, best raspberry ketonesSen Rüya Ise, Rüya Büyük

By: Amparo Fernandez | May 26th 2013 – Rüya hayatta mutluluk önemli bir parças? oldu?unu dü?ünüyorsan?z, büyük hayal utanma.

Rüya üzerinde zaman harcamak, bu zaman kayb? de?ildir.

Informasi lebih lanjut Hub:

Tags: sufism, sufism in malaysia, sufi salafi, sufisme, sufism history, sufism quotes, sufism definition, sufism believe, sufism in china, sufism in india, sIso Consultants, Konsultan Iso, Konsultan Ohsas 18001, Konsultan Iso 9001, Iso 14001, Iso 22000,

By: rekohandoyo | May 31st 2009 – Apa yang dilakukan seorang Konsultan / Consultant ISO ? iso consultants, konsultan iso, ohsas 18001, iso9001, iso22000, iso14001, API, IPAL, AMDAL, CALL: 021-36233226. E?er üye de?ilseniz bahis ile kazanmaya ba?la ezeli ekibi eleyerek finale i?inde profesyonel bahis sitelerinden neden acamyom å’imdi dã¼nde bahis oynamak asla bir bahis sitesini seçebilirsiniz.. Major stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or other major cities are a beehive of activity.

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Get 10% Discount + Breakfast For A 30-day Advance Booking With Hotel Grand Crystal Kedah

By: DirectWithHotels Ltd | Dec 4th 2014 – Hotel Grand Crystal Kedah in Alor Setar, Malaysia rolls out its “Book 30 Days in Advance and Save Up to 10% Discount” promo.

Tags: avrupa canli bahis siteleri, hangi bahis siteleri güvenilir, ispanya 2. Hasilnya? Bisa kita tebak, diet model ini berakhir … Major stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or other major cities is really a beehive of activity.

Tags: informasi mengenai ADHD, hiperfokus, superfokusThe Art Of Silat

By: Troy Macraft | Dec 18th 2010 – One of the most effective martial art defense styles for the street is the Silat. Tourists can enjoy vibrant accommodation rooms in Jakarta that offer a memorable stay.

Tags: Jakata hotels, Indonesia Jakarta hotels, Jakarta hotelInformasi Mengenai Adhd

By: Surya Kencono | Dec 30th 2010 – Sifat hiperfokus ADHD dapat membantu selama liburan. Neden ki? Dürüst olmak gerekirse, ben size al??kanl?k zaman kayb? hayal dü? …

Tags: cirebon palace, another palace in indonesia that still exist up to nowJasa Konsultan Manajemenstrategi / Konsultan Bisnis Strategi / Accountingfinance Management /bisnis

By: yoyo subagyo | Mar 24th 2009 – SIEN Consultant adalah perusahaan jasa konsultasi yang memberikan training / pelatihan dan konsultasi, tentang manajemen strategi, Bisnis strategi, Business Strategic, Pengembangan Bisnis, Marketing Strategi dengan Konsultan professional terbaik dan terbesar di Indonesia.

Tags: LTC Tour Europe, LTC Packages, LTC Singapore MalaysiaToko Bunga Rangkaian Murah Online|toko Bunga Online|toko Bunga Murah|toko Bunga Rangkaian|toko Bunga

By: Rafael Lacsamana | May 17th 2012 – Memilih jenis bunga yang diinginkan, menentukan rangkaian bunga yang sesuai. Indian trains are crowded all the time. payday loan terms

Tags: konsultan manajemen strategi, konsultan bisnis strategiMalay Martial Arts – Silat

By: Aire Daniel | Sep 7th 2008 – Silat is a martial art forms originating from the countries of the Malay Archipelago. ligi bahisciQuick Loans ( Space ) Fast Payday Loan

By: Leslie Ramon | Jul 1st 2013 – Once the financial loan is acknowledged by the bank, the loan quantity is immediately attributed into your profile. SIEN Consultants

( OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO / TS 16949, OHSAS Health n’ Safety, ISO 17025 )

Mengidentifi …

Tags: assisted living facilities in utah, assisted living utah, seniIndependent Living Utah Makes You A Satisfied Personality.

By: safe | Nov 14th 2011 – Independent living Utah is a revolution, a way of looking at senior community, and a revolutionary division of independent people who work for pride, self-determination and advance opportunities. BIsa saja anda datang ke dokter atau ke klinik kecantikan untuk menghilangkan selulit tetapi selama factor utama penyebab selulit tidak dihilangkan, kulit anda tetap akan keripu …

Tags: technology, indonesia, blogbymillion1, jakarta, ebuku, computer, inmternet, bandung, televesion, smarttV, sony, samsung@internetTV , internettv, sulawesi, baliCara Mengobati – Menurunkan Kolesterol Trigliserida Tinggi, Pengobatan Kolesterol

By: rekohandoyo | Jun 29th 2011 – Kolesterol adalah suatu jenis lemak dalam tubuh yang berguna untuk membangun sel-sel tubuh dan memproduksi hormone-hormon.

Tags: cara menghilangkan selulit, penghilang selulit, pelangsingThis Article Are Strictly For Ugly Men And Woman

By: Prof. The visual impact of the palace architecture is startling. Sosyal yard?m bu formu kar??tlar? Kur’an-? Kerim ile kar?? çe?itli nedenlerden al?nt?. Major stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or other major cities are a beehive of activity. When you consider all these factors, Mumbai flights or air travel to a … Fortunately, there are still things you can do here can bring you and your friends great … Most of the Malaysian parents enrolled their … This is why most people prefer taking their loves ones who are sick to the facilities because they are sure they will get the best treatment.

Tags: gayong maarifat,, PSSGMMAre Superhuman Capabilities Only Exist In Movies ?

By: Azam Zulkifli | Dec 11th 2009 – The answer is no.Super human capabilities are not only exist in movies. Mengapa? Ilmuwan menyelidiki bahwa kacang kedelai berfungsi untuk mengurangi kadar kolesterol, mengurangi kadar gula, mencegah osteoporosis, mencegah kanker, mengurangi berat badan, stroke dan mengurangi geja … If you feel about many of these factors, Mumbai fl … This is the situation, where the reverse mortgage can help.

Tags: reverse mortgage, senior reverse mortgages, reverse mortgage counselor, how does a reverse mortgage work, HECM reverse mortgage, reverse home mortgage, seniBest Shopping Spots Near Private Bali Villas

By: Bali Villa Holidays | May 11th 2010 – There are many things that you can do while you are in your vacation or holiday in Bali Islands. Makanan sehat terbaik berasal dari kedelai. Kolesterol dibentuk dalam hati namun sisanya didapat dari makanan yang kita konsumsi sehari-hari.

Tags: obat menurunkan kolesterol, cara menurunkan kolesterolPenurun Berat Badan, Herbal Penurun Berat Badan, Diet Berat Badan.

By: rekohandoyo | Apr 16th 2011 – Suatu makanan kesehatan terbaik adalah yang terbuat dari kacang kedelai. Melalui daftar bunga dari toko bunga online anda mendapatkan informasi detail tentang rangkaian bunga dan spesifikasi harga yang ditawarkan.


Florist Jakarta merupakan pusat beraneka r … Utilizing their rush and crowd is generally trains seldom are powered by time. Silat is the official martial art style of Malaysia.

Tags: namaz sureleri, namaz sureleri, namaz sureleriRaspberry Ketones Bodybuilding

By: Roosevelt Renteria | Jun 4th 2013 – Raspberry ketones hand over a wonderful flavor and aroma to sodas, ice creams and puddings and it’s a tasty addition to your food and drinks.

Tags: Tour Operator India, South India Packages, Travel AgentFast Products For Aging – The Emerging Options

By: Nicolas Hancock | Nov 27th 2012 – Smart Eating Means Continued Health As You Age.

Tags: aging, aging tips, aging infoFun Items To Complete In Kuala Lumpur Without The Need Of Spending Too Much

By: Alicia Bailly | Oct 3rd 2012 – Travelling approximately Malaysia could be entertaining but quite difficult and tiring, in particular if you only have ample money to pay back for the accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, specifically, round-trip airline tickets, and sustenance towards the full trip.

Tags: kuala lumpur hotelsPerfume

By: kiez3b79ju | Sep 8th 2012 –

Perfume dan Sejarah asal asal ia bagaimana ia telah dicipta dan berkembang sepanjang Sejarah dan bagaimana ia terus berkembang sehingga hari ini.

Tags: PerfumeFun Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur Without Spending Too Much

By: STD | Aug 17th 2012 – And can travel throughout Malaysia to be fun, but very difficult, especially if you have only enough money to afford private accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, in particular, return tickets, and living expenses for the trip to his together. Azam Zulkifli Al – Qadiri | Dec 28th 2009 – Do you want to have a beautiful body like Paris Hilton, a smile like Jennifer Love Hewitt, charisma like Madonna, Sexy lips like Angeline Jolie, hot abs like Jake Gylenhaal, beautiful voice like Jason Mraz ?

Tags: side effect of plastic surgery, Suzuki, susuk pocong, susuk emas, susuk the movie, susuk ayat, susuk keramat, susuk tv3, susuk kemaluan, susuk rapidsCan A Single Person Fight 10 To 50 Opponent At Once ?

By: Azam Zulkifli | Dec 21st 2009 – Can a single person fight 10 to 50 opponent at once ?

The answer is YES! A single person can fight up to 10 or 50 opponent at once.

Tags: martial arts, silatThe Skinny On Fitness And Fat Loss

By: Ruff Raun. Yanl?? …

Tags: KONSULTAN BISNIS, KONSULTAN MANAJEMEN STRATEGI, KONSULTANCirebon Palace ( One Of Local Indonesia Palace That Still Exist Until Now )

By: andi hari cahyono | Apr 27th 2009 – Visitors to Cirebon’s ancient keraton (royal courts) sometimes have the sense they have stepped back in time.

Tags: Things, Kuala, Lumpur, Without, SpendingLtc Tour Europe Taking Your First Backpacking Trip

By: MYHOLIDAYS | Aug 4th 2012 – LTC Tour Europe fourth factor is ease of travel. With age, the rocking horse turns into a rocking chair. personal loans When you find yourself in an emergency scenario, you need to get a fast personal loan

Here is my blog post … Have fun!

Tags: Mardi gras, fun, friends, trips, vacations, getaways, college, seniCara Menghilangkan Selulit, Pelangsing Badan, Peluntur Lemak Alami Dari Herbalife

By: rekohandoyo | Jan 6th 2010 – Menghilangkan selulit sebenarnya sangatlah mudah.

Tags: assisted living facilities in utah, assisted living utah, seniMaking Your Life Easy With Assisted Living Utah

By: safe | Nov 14th 2011 – With the growing family and attachments, we tend emotionally lean towards this mundane world. Second is the Silat Seni, the performance style.

Tags: Jasa Video Profile, Jasa Pembuatan Video Profile PerusahaanJual Shake Herbalife, Susu Herbalife Buat Diet

By: rekohandoyo | Mar 8th 2013 – Produk SHAKE Herbalife bukan obat, tetapi pelangsing herbal yg mengandung nutrisi alami yg tidak menyebabkan kecanduan jika pengonsumsiannya diberhentikan.

Tags: Jual Shake Herbalife, Susu Herbalife Buat DietLpg Oto Gaz Montaj Ve Bak?m

By: Candan Mühendislik | Mar 4th 2013 – Sektörünün tüm evrelerinde bulunan firmam?z bu süreçte 100 bine yak?n araç montaj?na imza atm??t?r.

Tags: otogaz, lpg. Indian trains are crowded continuously. You might wonder how can that be ?

I will tell you how it is possible. A lot of physicians are even calling raspberry ketones “the miracle from a bottle”. When you consider all these factors, Mumbai flights or air travel to any d …

Tags: assisted living facilities in utah, assisted living utah, seniNikmati Hidup Dengan Teknologi Smart Tv Dari Sony Dan Samsung

By: Leonel Vandewege | Sep 3rd 2011 – Internet telah menjadi bagian dari kehidupan sehari-hari, kita membeli barang secara online, baca Berita update, meriah menonton TV online, dan sesuai melalui email atau pesan instan. Namun, sampai saat ini, teknologi ini terbatas pada layar komputer tapi membawa konten ke layar ruang tamu adalah langkah berikutnya yang je … Factor makanan adalah factor pertama yang harus kita ubah jika kita ingin menghilangkan selulit.

Tags: mma gears, mma zone, mixed martial art, ninja, kung fu, krav maga, silat, judo, jet kune do, karateMengecilkan Perut, Mengecilkan Perut Dengan Cepat, Cara Memperkecil Perut

By: rekohandoyo | Oct 17th 2010 – Dengan produk Herbalife perut anda akan ramping dan sehat, obestias dan kegemukan badan anda akan kecil dan langsing dalam waktu 1 bulan. Added to the rush and crowd is the fact that trains seldom run on time.


By: John Nathaniel | Jan 12th 2011 – Evolving over a long history and a charismatic culture, Jakarta opens the doors to a fascinating way of life, cuisine and charm. Sen hayal olmad???n?, sadece hayatta ba?ar? için tercih bak?n. In case you are about several factors, … Bali living and Bali lifestyle become popular not only because of the exquisite resorts and the beauty of their landscapes like mountains and etc.

Tags: bali shopping, bali shops, bali lifestyle, bali island, baliMakanan Yang Baik Untuk Diet, Makanan Diet Sehat Dari Herbalife Indonesia

By: rekohandoyo | May 5th 2010 – Program diet sering kali menyakitkan dan sulit disebabkan karena ketidaktahuan bagaimana memilih makanan yang baik untuk diet. First is the Silat Olahraga, the combat style. Lemak akan di buang dalam sebulan minimal 5 kg sampai Anda mendapatkan badan yang indah dan ideal aman tanpa efek samping.

Tags: atlanta in home care, senior home care atlanta, atlanta seniIddiaya Simdi Sports”da üstelik Brilliant Oder Sofie On The Internet Iddaa

By: Sal Gore | Jul 19th 2013 – ölümsüzlü?üne gelince onlar nrrr ini maksimum tl olarak oynatan ki?ilere yer sa?layan gözda??d?r.. TKS Datuk Dr. With their dramatic gapura split gates and numerous ornately carved pagoda-like pavilions surrounded by mortarless red brick walls with inset Ming Dynasty C … push aside negative though.The article are based on fact, provable and no pseudo science or pseudo psychological theory involved. This deal is exclusively available at the hotel’s website.

Tags: Hotel Grand Crystal Kedah, hotel in Alor Setar, Malaysia accEverything You Should Learn About Advantages Of Atlanta In Home Care

By: Jenifer Whitmire | Jan 17th 2014 – There are several benefits associated with these facilities. This martial art has also reached Europe, and is especially popular in the Netherlands and France. When these people will meet an unplanned increase in their monthly expenditures, they are in the real troubles.

Since we were born our body was equipped with auto protection system that is in part of our brain c … | Sep 20th 2007 – Fitness definition:

Tags: fitness, fitness program, diet and exercise, diet program, health and fitness, fat loss, exercise, exercise program, strenghth training, endurance, stamina, seniExercise Habits And Weight Control

By: Ruff Raun | Sep 20th 2007 – Fitness definition:

Tags: fitness, fitness program, diet and exercise, diet program, health and fitness, fat loss, exercise, exercise program, strenghth training, endurance, stamina, seni


Tags: short term lenders, online payday loan no faxing, loan paydayNeden Müslüman Evangelizm Için Kur’an-? Kerim Kullan?

By: Jamie Oliveira | Jun 5th 2013 – S?k s?k Müslüman ve yayg?nla?t?rma konusunda Kur’an-? Kerim kullanmak için gerekçesi hakk?nda istendi. Mengidap ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) atau Gangguan Hiperaktif Defisit Perhatian, selama liburan dapat menjadi bonus nyata, karena gejala hiperfokus itu sendiri. Selulit disekitar anda juga akan dibuang dan kulit tampak sehat …

Tags: rüya, rüya, rüyaJasa Video Profile, Jasa Pembuatan Video Profile Perusahaan

By: rekohandoyo | Mar 19th 2013 – Video profile perusahaan yang baik, apik dan menarik tentu akan mengugah calon customer untuk percaya pada produk dan jasa perusahaan

Tottenham Hotspur Announces Fun88 as Club’s Asian Betting and Gaming Partner

We believe that our knowledge of developing fun,

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Since the launch of Fun88 in 2008, it has successfully merged

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Nick Lee, founder of

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About Fun88

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tottenham Hotspur Football Club today announced that Fun88, a leading

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Famous People from Alaska


Famous Alaskans

The list of famous Alaskans cannot be complete without mentioning the following distinguished individuals, of whom, not only Alaska, but the entire world is proud.

Margaret Murie – Author, environmentalist, conservationist – called ‘Grandmother of the Conservation Movement’

Edward Krause – Alaska’s first suspected serial killer

Frank Canton – Bank robber, and a cattle thief

Molly Hootch and Anna Tobeluk

Both, Molly Hootch (born in 1956) and Anna Tobeluk (1957-1980), are credited for revolutionizing the Native Alaskan village education. Prior to 1976, many Alaskan villages lacked educational facilities beyond the eighth grade. Earlier, people who lacked facilities, flourished in all aspects of life during this period. In a competition for students from grades seven to twelve in 1926, Benny’s design was selected as the winning entry for the territorial flag, which later on became Alaska’s state flag. She died in 2006, and to pay tribute to her, the Alaskans celebrate the Susan Butcher Day on the first Saturday in March each year.

With the passage of time, more and more Alaskans are taking on new challenges in various fields, and proving themselves. Remarkably, he built these rail routes without having any sort of formal technical education.

Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer, born in 1981, is yet another basketball sensation raised in Alaska. Elizabeth championed the passage of the anti-discrimination bill, which guaranteed equal treatment for all citizens in public accommodations.

Margaret Elizabeth Bell – Writer

Nathan West – Actor

Following are some of the famous people of Alaska, who continue to inspire many people across the world.

“Big Mike” Heney

Michael James Heney (1864-1910), a.k.a “Big Mike” or “The Irish Prince of Alaska”, was a railroad contractor who built two of the most impeccable railroads viz., the ‘White Pass and Yukon Route’, and the ‘Copper River and Northwestern Route’, which are considered to be marvelous engineering feats. 126 schools were granted high school status by the court as a result of this effort.

Sydney Mortimer Laurence – Painter

Austin Lathrop – Industrialist

Ernest Gruening

Ernest Gruening (1887-1974) was a journalist, and the territorial governor of Alaska from 1935 to 1953. She captured world’s attention when she was nominated for the post of Vice President by the Republican Party. Though he was ridiculed at the time, he is now more famous for the deal than for his political achievements.

Alaska, the 49th state of the United States of America, has evolved from being an undeveloped state to one of the major contributors to the U.S. The deal was struck for $7,200,000 by a man called William H. During the 1970s and 1980s, Alaska witnessed an unprecedented developmental phase that helped to a great extent in its progress. His efforts prevented the ‘Atomic Energy Commission’ from conducting nuclear tests at a site near Point Hope in Alaska, where he was born.

Anna Kathryn Holbrook – American soap opera actress

Benny Benson

Benny Benson (1913-1972) was the man behind the conception and creation of the official flag of the State of Alaska. Seward. She is also an author, a sports journalist, a political commentator, and a commercial fisherwoman.

Randy Kutcher – Baseball player

Daryn Colledge – Footballer

Virgil Franklin Partch – Cartoonist

Famous Alaskan Criminals

Irene Bedard

Irene Bedard, born in 1967, is a famous American actress born and brought up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jefferson “Soapy” C. Ever since, the contributions of the Alaskans to various fields of human activity have been remarkable. A number of Native students together filed a suit against the State of Alaska for the provision of high schools in 100 of its villages. Currently, he is playing for the Alaska Aces.

Ray Mala

Ray Mala (1906-1952) was a famous actor of yesteryears, and one of the most famous Alaskan film personalities. He starred in Eskimo/Mala The Magnificent, an Oscar winning film, as well as the first to win an Academy Award in the ‘Best Film Editing’ category. Bunnell – Educator

Trajan Langdon

Trajan Langdon (born in 1976) is a famous basketball player who played for Cleveland Cavaliers, and is currently a top player for CSKA Moscow in Russia. Given below is the list of some classic Alaskan fugitives, who became famous because of their illegal and anti-social ways. Langdon, also nicknamed Alaskan Assassin, is the first Alaskan to play in the NBA.

Libby Riddles

Libby Riddles, a dog musher born in 1956, was the first woman to win the Last Great Race on Earth, a name for the 1,049 miles long Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, in 1985. Although she lost to Senator John McCain, the presidential nominee, her popularity grew manifold. As a governor, he formed the Alaska Territorial Guard or Eskimo Scouts to protect the Alaskan region from Japanese invasions during World War II. Today, it boasts of more than five times the jobs it had 50 years ago, and a much more prosperous and stable population. She is best known as the voice for the main character in the animated Disney film Pocahontas.

Scott Gomez

Scott Gomez, an ice hockey player born in 1979, is the first Alaskan to play in the American National Hockey League (NHL), and also the first player of Latino origin to achieve this distinction. Irene has acted in a lot of Hollywood flicks, and was voted by People Magazine as one of the top 50 beautiful people in 1995. The case was named ‘Tobeluk’ but is popularly referred to as the ‘Molly Hootch case’, for her role as a leader in the plaintiffs’ agitation. He lobbied for the statehood of Alaska, and was a senator from 1956 to 1958. Taking inspiration from the ‘glorious Alaskans’, the coming generations continue to make their state, and the world proud.

Charles Hendrickson (a.k.a “The Blue Parka Bandit”) – Robber, famous for donating a part of his booty to the Church

Nellie Beatty (a.k.a “The Black Bear”) – Famous of her illegal dealings in mining, banking, and for prostitution.

Though, for years, Alaska has been associated with its beautiful landscapes, and captivating wildlife, crime has also been a eloquent part of its social setup. She achieved this at the age of 29, and took 18 days, 2 minutes and 17 seconds on a route from Anchorage to Nome.

Did you know?In 1867, the territory of Alaska was purchased by the United States from the Russian Empire. He was an able leader and a staunch opponent of the Vietnam War.

All these people, and many more, have brought name, fame, and glory to Alaska, and the state continues to revel in their honor.

Fred Hardy – Robber and murderer

Elizabeth Peratrovich

Elizabeth Peratrovich (1911-1958) was a civil rights activist, who worked for the rights of native Alaskan people. Howard Rock

Howard Rock (1911-1976) was the editor of the Tundra Times, and was instrumental in getting the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act passed. Smith – Conman, famous for crooked gambling

Khaleed Leon “Khleo” Thomas – Actor, singer, rapper

William Wellington Edward Hanson (a.k.a “The Sheep Camp Vigilantes”) – Burglars

Charles E. She played a pivotal role in bringing about a major change in government attitude with regards to Alaska’s Native citizens. basketball team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

More Famous Alaskans

William Dempsey – Murderer

Sarah Palin

Sarah Louise Palin was born in 1964, and was the governor of Alaska till July 2009. He was the first Native American movie star.

Jason Ryznar – Ice hockey player. He has been a part of the All-Stars NBA team as well as the gold medal winning U.S. He was only thirteen years old at that time.

Jewell – Actress, singer, songwriter, and guitarist

Vern Tejas – Mountaineer

Tommy Johnson (a.k.a “The Blueberry Kid”) – Suspected murderer, who could never be caught

Susan Butcher

Susan Butcher (1954-2006), a dog musher, is the only woman to win the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, for four consecutive years out of the five in which she participated, from 1986 to 1989

What are your best frugal living tips? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

Make a ‘hobby’ of it.

Look for the discounted items.

Ask for discount.

Look for the ‘free’ items. for things you want. Make a hobby of it.

Swap unused items with friends, neighbors etc. That way you can ‘track’ your money.

Grow your own veg, fruit, keep hens, ducks, poultry – even in a small space. Get ideas from magazines, online.

Discard the credit card – use a debit card, if needed. Make a philosophy of it.

. By not going to the store for these items you will make better use of your time, energy and ingredients.

Bake your own items – bread, cakes, pies etc. Make it a festive occasion.

Live on less. you will feel the ‘pain’ of the immediacy of that money spent.

Buy as many items ‘on sale’ or ‘reduced’ as possible. Everything homemade tastes better, so therefore, i believe, your needs are more satisfied.

Re-vamp old items into ‘new’ furniture, clothes, curtains, cushions. I agree with the hubber who says – write down every single penny spent