New Jersey judge strikes down sports betting

-  A federal judge ruled Friday night that New Jersey cannot partially lift a prohibition on sports betting in an effort to boost the state’s struggling horse racing and casino industries.

The decision from U.S. The Legislature followed with a bill to lift the ban as it pertains to casinos and tracks. The U.S. Instead of legalizing sports gambling in defiance of the leagues and federal government, it called for not enforcing the state’s ban. Supreme Court declined to hear the case earlier this year, and it seemed that might be the end of it.

The state, locked in a legal battle with the NCAA and four professional sports leagues, is expected to appeal to a higher court.

A federal law bans New Jersey and most other states from authorizing betting on sports. Christie signed that into law last month.

New Jersey has been pushing persistently to allow sports betting at horse tracks and casinos in an effort to support both struggling industries. District Judge Michael Shipp was the expected outcome since the judge had ruled similarly in the past.

“We are going to continue pursuing every legal option available,” State Senate president Steve Sweeney said in a statement Friday. “The economic impact that sports wagering can have on New Jersey is far too important to simply shrug our shoulders and move on.”

While Shipp agreed with the central part of the sports’ leagues argument, he dismissed some of their other arguments.. Instead, it was seeking to end a prohibition and that it would not regulate sports betting.

But Shipp agreed with the sports leagues that setting parameters such as limiting sports gambling to certain places amounts to regulation, but noted, that he “finds that the present case is not nearly as clear as either the leagues or the defendants assert.”

The ruling comes just over a week after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he supports legalizing sports gambling — though not in the way it would happen if New Jersey prevailed. Chris Christie’s administration tried a new approach. Voters have approved the concept, but a federal court rejected it in a slightly different form. Silver is the first commissioner of a major U.S.

But as the financial crisis in Atlantic City’s casinos deepened, Gov. sports league to make such a stand.

The NCAA and four major professional sports leagues contend that federal law would allow the state to lift the ban entirely — but not to allow sports betting with some conditions, such as limiting it to certain locations and keeping minors from participating.

TRENTON, N.J. But the state contended it did not want to license or authorize the betting

Poll Betting: Reading the Nation’s Mind. offers a complete range of sport, political and entertainment betting, providing a unique market expansion opportunity for Affiliates.


Additional Notes: has polls on events and issues covering many areas, such as politics, justice, sport, celebrities, music, film, television and fashion. The participants are more likely to choose their responses more carefully in this type of poll as they are rewarded in proportion to the size of their bet if their opinions are correct.” is a pari-mutuel wagering site, offering a breadth of wagering not available at fixed odds betting sites. All rights reserved. In Australia’s last federal election, opinion surveys were irregular, but the betting consistently favoured Prime Minister John Howard, the eventual victor.

“Our figures have proved to be an amazingly accurate indicator at both the Australian general election and the California Governor’s election in 2003,” he said.

Copyright 2005, Gale Group. If you win, you get money from the pool in proportion to the amount you bet.

A spokesperson from said, “Poll betting is our new concept which allows people to participate in survey-style polling. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

. allows you to poll bet on anything! If it is out there and being talked about, chances are you can make your opinion count by entering a poll bet at

The idea of using betting to assess public opinion came from Betfair’s uncanny accuracy in predicting elections. According to Betfair’s director of communications, Mark Davies, opinion polls only canvas a small percentage of the population with no real incentive to provide accurate information.

During the presidential election between George W Bush and John Kerry, betting patterns showed that Bush was heading for victory while the US opinion polls were inconclusive.

LONDON — Poll betting is a new cross-breed of poll and pool betting that is not only making a splash on the betting market, but proving itself the most accurate form of consumer survey. is the website that has created poll betting, which gives consumers an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is, by backing their votes on topical issues and events with a monetary incentive. has taken Betfair’s example to create the new concept of poll betting.

COPYRIGHT 2005 Business Wire

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Poll Betting offers you all the fun and benefits of online betting, but without the complexity of bet-slips, odds-calculators, daunting figures, and having to learn a whole new language.

About Poll Betting

Poll Betting is Simple: You bet and your stake is entered into a pool

Clay Aiken – Photo 1 – Pictures

Aiken appears on the cover of the latest People magazine holding his infant son, Parker Foster Aiken, with the headline: “Yes, I’m Gay.” The 29-year-old former “American Idol” runner-up, multiplatinum recording artist and Broadway star credits his son, conceived by in-vitro fertilization with making him realize that he could no longer hide his homosexuality from the world.

Credit: AP

As he performs and tours the country, he is earning more recognition. In 2008, he welcomed a son with his longtime friend and producer Jaymes Foster.

Clay Aiken attends a party to celebrate Jenna Bush’s book, “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope,” Monday, Oct. Aiken is a U.S.

Credit: AP

The young pop sensation parlayed an “American Idol” loss into a career victory. Aiken made his Broadway debut in January 2008. Aiken is shown congratulating winner Studdard seconds after the results of the contest were announced, Wednesday, May 21, 2003.

There’s nothing second place about the way Aiken’s career has been growing. In the years following “Idol,” he’s become a multiplatinum recording artist, launched eight tours, became a New York Times best-selling author and became a Broadway star.

Aiken is a fan favorite, welcomed by audiences wherever he goes. 10, 2003. 10, 2008, in New York. Here, he performs at the 38th annual Jerry Lewis Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Monday, Sept. The singer arrives at the 31st Annual American Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. Among his many performances, the 26-year-old North Carolina native sings the national anthem before Game 1 of the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Florida Marlins at Yankee Stadium Saturday, Oct. 76 in Harlem, N.Y. He returned for a second engagement in September.

Credit: AP

Whether with his mother or a beautiful date on his arm, Aiken is comfortable on the red carpet. 18, 2012 in New York.

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Aiken has become something of a fixture on the baseball field, shown here waving to the crowd prior to singing the national anthem before the Class AAA Durham Bulls take on the Rochester Red Wings in Durham, N.C., Thursday, May 8, 2003.

Credit: AP

Fame has done nothing to deter Aiken’s devotion to his family. Here, he shakes hands with admirers during the Nickelodeon Let’s Just Play Campaign at the Nick on Sunset Studios in Los Angeles, Saturday, Oct. He takes his mother, Faye, to the Billboard Music Awards, Dec. 16, 2003.

Credit: AP

Clay Aiken burst onto the national radar screen in 2003 by becoming a finalist in Fox’s second season of “American Idol.” Here, he performs “This is the Night” in the show’s finale on Tuesday, May 20, 2003.

Credit: AP. The two finalists pose in this undated handout photo.

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken, center, appears during the lighting of the UNICEF Snowflake Baccarat crystal chandelier at the corner of 57th street and 5th Avenue in New York, Saturday, Nov. The telethon raised a record $60,505,234.

Credit: AP

Singer Clay Aiken performs at Pizza Hut Park following an MLS soccer match between FC Dallas and Chivas USA, in Frisco, Texas, Wednesday, July 4, 2007.

The singer takes time out of his busy schedule to visit with school children from P.S. Aiken created the Bubel/Aiken Foundation to help children with developmental disabilities.

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Clay Aiken seen here Jan. 1, 2007, in New York. Proceeds from the book by President Bush’s daughter will benefit UNICEF. 10, 2003.

Credit: AP

Credit: AP Photo/Spamalot, Joan Marcus

Singer and actor Clay Aiken appears on stage as Sir Robin in Monty Python’s “Spamalot” at the Shubert Theatre in New York. 1, 2003, in Los Angeles. 6, 2005.

In addition to his foundation, Aiken has sung at numerous benefits for children’s causes. Fund for UNICEF Ambassador.

Despite a busy performing schedule, Aiken graduates from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, shaking hands with Chancellor James Woodward after receiving his bachelor of arts in special education.

The Fox show captivated American audiences as Aiken and Ruben Studdard jockeyed for top position. 4, 2003.

Credit: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Credit: AP

Despite the fierce competition of 12 voting rounds, Aiken and Studdard remain friends. 18, 2003.

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Aiken races a scale-model car at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Thursday, April 22, 2004, proving he is not a man of all work and no play.

Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Credit: AP

Singer and UNICEF ambassador Clay Aiken, center, arrives for a talk with students and teachers at the Learning Project Elementary School in Boston, Tuesday, Dec. Here, Aiken holds up the award he won at the Billboard Music Awards 2003 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Dec. 18, 2006.

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Singer Clay Aiken attends The Flawsome Ball on Oct

User Testing And The Testing User Approach Explained

Its too important a question not to ask. All organizations can now go beyond their traditional barriers to reach a larger audience and its about time comprehensive User Testing became available to all businesses, but we have to ask the question. Yes its true you may get some Usability data, but really when considering the investments of cost and time associated with lab based User Testing is this really a solution for a small or medium business?

Since the beginning of the decade bad Usability has been blamed for e-commerce sites having to watch up to 70% of their potential online sales slip away. Why has it taken so long?

In recent years a lot of businesses have seen the potential in the clever analytic tools e-commerce takes for granted. I mean the web site is the most important and central part for the majority of businesses, second only to the actual products or services that they sell. Both organizations large and small can take their pick from either conducting a usability study themselves or commissioning User videos as a way to get feedback. Why do users leave your website?

Well even for those with the money to spend Usability Testing has been seen as a necessary evil in which you have to play Russian Roulette with the different methods out there until you discover one that is fit for purpose. Conducting a study yourself is costly. Why should clients have to spend thousands to access a good enough size User Testing panel? Why should they have to waste time extracting, analyzing and presenting this data themselves? Why cant the technology available allow for this to be done in a comprehensive and affordable way?

Do you know what your Users think about your web presence? Do you know which aspects need improving? Are your users satisfied with the interface design of your website? These are all questions which most businesses with a web site want answering. This was billions of dollars in a time when even the big players were having to let up to 50% walk on by.

Web Usability surveys are now very powerful tools. Businesses of all sizes are frustrated with the lack of choice and value for money. These videos may also give some usability insight, but at an average of $40 each for what is essentially one persons opinion in a You tube style video, where is the full package?

I mean the choices are very limited. He has written awesome articles for

The times we live in demand that the User Testing industry brings itself up to data. It is that bad. By that I mean the full Usability package. Since the massive expansion of the internet at the beginning of the decade it has become a key method employed by most Usability experts. For a small or medium sized company that wants to experiment in the world of User Testing they have to go down the same road as a organization ten times their size and often get ten times less of a result.. However Usability despite being identified as a crucial early stage investment, essential to a projects ultimate success, has largely been ignored by all but the large corporations who see it as a standard practice in product development.

In short so far good value Usability Testing has not resulted in good value results.

On the other hand you may go down the other route, where User Testing Videos are commissioned. On that note I can tell you its no secret that there has been an apparent laziness amongst the User Testing industry to bring dated testing models up to date. The Testing User package is the full package. As I write this blog though comprehensive User Testing is mainly a luxury for large corporations with the capital to do so.

Strange to think though that User Testing or Usability Testing can answer all these questions and is so unobtainable for most businesses. Despite Usability Testing being a multi-million dollar industry, the attitude seems to be that you have to spend thousands to get any meaningful data. User Testing can deliver better sales, better retention, better perception and a better brand.

About the Author:

Frank Holland has written articles on best use of user testing and usability testing for web site analysis


A demonstration of the Fire Bet is available.

The new Fire Bet pay table offers 7 for 1 (3 Individual points made), 30 for 1 (4 Individual points made), 150 for 1 (5 Individual points made) and 300 for 1 (6 Individual points made), respectively. gaming jurisdictions and Canada, we decided to expand our product offering by developing another pay table for the Fire Bet. The Fire Bet has proven to help revitalize the energy of the game making it more electrifying and attractive to a new generation of players.. Our years of gaming experience has allowed us to develop a craps layout, that while adding our side bet, does not impede the natural operation of the game, and actually streamlines operation and significantly enhances game protection. The company recently received approval by the Louisiana Gaming Commission and has several casinos slated to install the Fire Bet.

Hopbet, Inc., the creators of Fire Bet, the industry’s most popular craps side wager, has made available a new pay table, in addition to its existing pay tables, for its patented Fire Bet side wager. “Players will always tell you what they want. Although our new pay table possesses a higher frequency than our standard table, Hopbet studies have shown that Fire Bet participation rates are three to four times higher than that of similar side wagers on the market that have high hit frequencies, disproving the old myth that a higher hit frequency means a higher player participation rate. The Hopbet layout design markets many of the traditional wagers of the game of craps that are typically hidden or left off standard craps layouts. INTRODUCES New Fire Bet(TM) PAY TABLE

Hopbet, Inc.

Perry Stasi, 702-498-0986


CKpr Reputation Management

Liz Gamble, 702-682-8973

Stasi, who worked in casino management for more than two decades before forming Hopbet, Inc., knows. The Fire Bet continues to be available with its original, and most popular pay table, of 25 for 1 (4 Individual points made), 250 for 1 (5 Individual points made) or 1000 for 1 (6 Individual points made), respectively.

According to Stasi, due to the current economic conditions, casinos are continually looking strategically at ways to maintain their table games bottom line by increasing hold percentages in line with a declining table games drop, while maintaining the enjoyment and excitement of their games.

Hopbet, Inc. Our products are truly winners on both sides of the table.”

For more information on Fire Bet, visit or call Perry Stasi at (702) 498-0986. layout design, “We are as proud of our layout as we are of the Fire Bet. “The Fire Bet helps them achieve these objectives. The new pay table also will allow some casinos the ability to increase their maximum bet for Fire Bet while keeping their overall exposure in the same range as our typical pay out levels,” said Fire Bet creator and Hopbet, Inc. President Perry Stasi.

Tue Nov 2, 2010 1:15pm EDT

Hopbet also incorporates into the Fire Bet side wager its patented customized table layout and easily identifiable Fire Bet pucks. We felt a pay table with a lower top-end payoff structure could benefit some select casinos who desire to limit their exposure, while maintaining the theme, appeal and player excitement of the Fire Bet. We also made sure that the apparatus used in the operation of the Fire Bet, as well as the bet’s procedures, do the same. We feel that the Fire Bet and patented layout design work in tandem to increase the casino’s over-all craps hold percentage. Stasi says of the Hopbet, Inc. Our customers have demonstrated that the real proof of success and longevity lies in Fire Bet’s ability to entice and entertain players with a side bet that makes sense and fits into the normal betting patterns of the game of craps – this is what really leads to an increase in player satisfaction.”

“People love the excitement of our payoff structure and the philosophy of our game style,” Stasi said. Currently, the Fire Bet side wager is available in Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, and West Virginia, as well as Canada. Historically, casinos have seen an over-all craps hold increase between 2 to 5 percent following the addition of the Fire Bet, and the demand for our bet continues to increase.

* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.

In addition to the economic downturn, craps, which has always been known as the casino’s most exciting game, has experienced a dwindling interest in recent years. As a result, the use of Fire Bet has steadily grown year over year since its introduction in 2003. “With the expansion of the availability of the Fire Bet throughout 13 U.S

Giants 3 point underdogs in Super Bowl XLVI at most Vegas sportsbooks – National Las Vegas

MGM Resorts International operates 10 sports books on the Las Vegas Strip, and they have reported that about 65% of the total money bet thus far has been for a Giants victory.


Eli Manning and his New York Giants are 3 point underdogs for this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI against the New England Patriots at most Vegas sportsbooks

Charles Higgins

Article info source = ABS – CBN News

Gambling interest in this year’s big game is high and several analysts expect the total betting handle to exceed the $94.5 million record amount observed in 2006. Gronkowski practiced for the first time today since the injury and it is unknown if or how effectively he’ll be able to play in the big game. Concerned bettors will be following all the reports on his playing status with fervor during the next 72 hours.. Todd Furhman, the senior sports wagering analyst for Caesars Entertainment, said he anticipates 60% of all wagers to back a Giants victory. Most casinos expect 80% of total Super Bowl wagers to occur during the upcoming weekend as game day approaches.

Most Vegas sportsbooks list the New York Giants as three point underdogs for this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI game in Indianapolis against the New England Patriots. The three point spread has been fairly consistent all week long from the majority of Vegas bookmakers, though there have been a few spreads listed at 2.5 ( at Mirage and the Orleans sportsbooks).

Key factors lending to a Giants victory in the betting arena are a questionable Patriots defense and the injury / playing status of Patriot’s tight end Rob Gronkowski who has been a mainstay receiver for Tom Brady all season long. Gronkowski incurred a high ankle sprain injury during the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens on January 22nd

Casino-Gaming :: Cash Master Horse Racing System Review

It is about advising exactly how much you should place on a single bet at a time in order to profit – even if the previous bet won or lost.. As long as you are able to access the necessary information via the Internet that is pertinent to you the Cash-Master program will work for you.

This Clickbank product is also very easy to download. You don’t have to risk a penny to try it. You also don’t need to know much about the Internet or even horse betting for that matter. The other great thing about using Cash-Master is you do not need a big investment to make some money. As all of the gambling is done online nobody need discern that you are betting on horses as the program is designed to be very discreet and quick and easy to use.

If you are skeptical about this type of software or scared of losing money, the nice thing about it is that you can use it in ‘practice mode’ which allows you to paper trade rather than with real money. However like most betting endeavors how much you make really does depend on how much you bet and how discerning you are with regards to how you enter your defining perimeters into the software program. In fact, the developer Graham Laurie says he will refund your money but let you keep the software and bonuses if the Cash-Master program does not work for you.

One thing to realize about this program is that it is not designed to leverage bets or spread your winnings out by making money on placed bets. It runs in Windows and is fuss free. Many people start off with a betting bank of just £50. Cash-Master is definitely one of those programs that can “hedge your bets” for you but its calculation are only as good as the information that is entered into to it by you.

Cash-Master is a piece of horse betting software that was developed by Graham Laurie in 2004 It is guaranteed to make you a tax free income garnered from online bookmakers. You can bet on any race worldwide as long as you can access the specific information necessary for the software to work.

However you are not limited to using this brilliantly conceived and user-friendly program in the United Kingdom. You can type any perimeters from any bookmaker’s site in the world on it. It works well with online sites such as Ladbrokes, Coral and William Hill.

You can choose when and where to bet and you don’t have to restrict yourself to just local racing. Using this program is a great way to introduce yourself to single horse online betting without the complication of dealing with things like betting exchanges. Using this software to place your bets is also a good idea if you are the type of person who likes to gamble but prefers others don’t know. Every aspect of betting can be done online and even better you don’t have to deal with bookies or noisy and crowded race courses

Las Vegas blackjack games for visitors: General tips and best low-midlevel stakes games – National Las Vegas

Always try and play at least 45 minutes to an hour at a given table for comp acquisition purposes. There are plenty of games offering this rule in Las Vegas.

21S    (suited blackjack pays 2:1 ) ; adds + 0.56% EV

RED ROCK  (off-strip)

MGM GRAND  (strip)

WYNN    (strip)


Vegas casinos recently offering 6D  games with all the above rules with $25 minimums or less and house edges of  0.26% are :

- RSA (resplitting of aces allowed after initial split ); adds 0.06% EV ; variations are RSA3 (resplit only once to make three total hands) and / or RSA 4 (split twice to make four total playing hands) ; the designation UR refers to unlimited ace resplits.


- LS  (late surrender offered ; allows player to surrender hand and half the original bet with certain 2-card totals against specific dealer upcards AFTER dealers check their hole card for a blackjack ) ; adds + 0.075% EV. Utilizing these for hand decisions at a live Vegas blackjack table is perfectly acceptable and common and is encouraged for novice players. Players might consider starting out with this multi-game chart if they intend to play all number of decks ( 1 – 8 decks) options ; the minor play decision variations are minimal if players are willing to sacrifice a small amount of accuracy. Players club signup at some properties will result in receiving a funbook which can contain blackjack matchplay coupons depending on the locale.

Vegas visitor expectation from blackjack play can be enhanced by the following additional factors :

6  (player’s unbusted 6 – card hand automatic winner even against dealer blackjacks) ; adds + 0.10% EV

- Take advantage of any short-term promotional blackjack games / buy-in incentives. There’s value in free meals or reduced rate or free room comps awarded from blackjack play. There are some minor decision variations in given basic strategy play depending on the number of decks in play and the specific rules in force at a given table. There are a very limited number of Vegas games offering this rule. Proper game selection  can easily reduce starting house edges to 0.5% or less for the conscientious player who employs accurate basic strategy hand decision plays for a specific game and set of rules. 

Recently the following  locales offered 2D,H17, DAS, and RSA games for $2 -$15 dollar minimums with a house edge of 0.35%;

LUCKY CLUB (formerly Speedway casino on Civic Center Drive)

Blackjack Rules Conditions Lowering House Advantage / Increasing Player Expectation (EV) : *. It’s best to color up and go do anything else.

EL CORTEZ  (downtown)

SILVERTON  (extreme south strip)

- Sign up for player’s club and casino website e-mail lists and utilize player cards every time you play blackjack. On the other hand, ASK for those comps you’ve legitimately earned when timing dictates.

Traditional 3:2 payoff blackjack routinely offers the lowest house advantage over players as compared to all other casino games off the top. Thus Vegas visitors can still immerse themselves in the strip splendor and still play a decent game of blackjack with regard to their expectation. 

RED ROCK  (off – strip)

SILVER NUGGET (off-strip)

FOUR QUEENS  (downtown)


ES  (early surrender allows player to surrender hand and half the original bet BEFORE dealer checks hole card for blackjack) ; adds + 0.63% EV ; this rule hasn’t been offered since Eisenhower was president. Individual casino online websites also list updated ongoing gaming promotions.

- D3  (player allowed to double on first 3 cards ; also referred to as DA  , allowing player to double on any number of cards) ; adds + 0.24 % EV .


*Note that current rules at the above two casinos include H17 (dealer hits soft seventeens) ; the cumulative advantage gained by including RSA3 , D3, and UR in the rule sets more than offsets the H17 disadvantage (vs S17) to arrive at a very playable house edge with basic strategy play. In February 2009, I was rated for play at several $10 tables at MGM Grand. Potential players will have to devote some time and effort to learning and applying these options to obtain some proficiency at blackjack play. As their game improves, players can learn more specifics for certain games and conditions. Ultimately, applying these elements can enhance winnings / minimize losses over time for Vegas trekkers and can usually contribute to a more enjoyable  trip. Excellent sources (modest subscription fees required) for blackjack game conditions in Vegas (and elsewhere) are Current Blackjack News (CBJN) and Trackjack. Comp awards can often mean the difference between winning or losing blackjack sessions or trips depending on bankroll and wager levels. My most current info suggests there are 5 casinos in the Vegas vicinity (one near Hoover dam) that offer 1D games with 3:2 payoffs on naturals ;

What are the blackjack rule sets / table conditions that enhance player expectation? Be aware that games with higher table minimums ($25 or higher) MIGHT have comparatively better rule sets for players than lower minimum tables. These days the almighty computer wields a great deal of the comp award governance unless you happen to be a high – roller. Be aware that these sources provide excellent starter guidelines for the best Vegas blackjack games just prior to a potential trip but players still need to do some scouting and confirmation on arrival. Many details concerning comp play , bankroll management, hoards of additional blackjack math, and advantage play techniques were not addressed in this article.

- Use blackjack matchplay and free ace coupons. These two sources will save considerable footwork once in town, however.

BJ2:1  (all naturals pay 2:1) ; adds + 2.28% EV ; rarely a short-term promotion involving this rule occurs

MIRAGE  (strip)



WILD, WILD,WEST (off-strip)

*Note author recommends only those games that offer initial house edges of  0.40% or less off the top with use of accurate basic strategy play for best value ; all below listed locales will be within that restriction and offer games with $25 or less table minimums. Vegas blackjack games , rules, and table minimums change quite regularly and often partially due to crowd and demand levels. Players can enhance that inherent advantage further by applying accurate basic strategy play and insistence on playing only those games that offer player – favorable rules and conditions. The specific listed rule additive EV effects are for 6D games . With minimal time and effort at using and memorizing these handheld charts, proper play will become second nature. Four strip casinos have recently offered these rules and 2D games ; all these games had $25 minimums.

DSA  (doubling allowed after ace splits) ; adds + 0.10% EV

Charles Higgins

MONTE CARLO  (strip) ; offered $10 minimums at some games


- Note that none of the above listed casinos regardless of rule sets or minimums include any Harrah’s properties. Additionally, their overall comp accrual programs for blackjack play are superior to Harrah’s in the author’s opinion. Methods to slow down play include frequent restroom breaks, cell phone calls , taking extra time on play decisions, jabbering with other table players frequently,etc. Other important considerations for comp accrual include concentrating your play at a few rather than many casinos or property groups (I like MGM Mirage for blackjack), acquire a host if your play / bankroll levels warrant it , and  develop a non-rude, friendly demeanor at the tables when ASKING for comp awards after you’ve availed yourself of the comp programs for the locale in which you’re playing blackjack. Simply playing a 2D game vs 6D adds +0.25% EV off the top due to the fewer number of decks.Theoretically a player can sacrifice some other rules as a tradeoff to arrive at a reasonable and playable house advantage range. Just be aware. These players can also obtain info about locales using continuous shuffling machines (CSM’s) from those same sources. Choice of available locations to play (more than 2000 total tables) is but one example of potential blackjack player options. Las Vegas gambling coupon source info is available in this article. One aspect of value-conscious blackjack play involves scouting and determining where the better games are. Comp accrual tactics can add significant dollars to expectation for Vegas visitors. Basic strategy is based on literally billions of computer simulated hands to arrive at proper hand play decisions regarding standing, hitting, doubling, pair splitting, or surrendering against a given dealer’s upcard. Many MGM Mirage properties are represented in the above better -games listings. It’s the foundation of all efforts to beat the game for both novice and professional players. There exists a “generic” basic strategy chart that is utilized to cover all games and rules ; this version is not as accurate as specific charts for specific games and conditions but is far superior to those proverbial “gut ” play decisions. These are updated weekly and future visitors can avail themselves of these promotions for their trip dates. There are approaches , specific rule sets , payoffs, and conditions that collectively provide an opportunity to lower the off – the – top house advantages for visitors and thereby increase their monetary expectation (player expected value ; EV) from Vegas blackjack games. Single deck (1D) games in Vegas with reasonable rules and 3:2 payoffs are extremely rare these days and are virtually nonexistent on the strip. Most games are the H17 variety.

Two “sister” off-strip casinos recently offering H17,DAS , D3 (no 3 card doubles allowed after splits), LS, RSA3 and UR with initial house edges of 0.25% and $2 – $5 minimums are ..

HACIENDA  (near Hoover dam)

- DAS (double down allowed after pair splits) ; adds + 0.14% to player expectation. As a sidenote, if any players employ any type of advantage play techniques (eg card counting, etc.) the pit and eye -in-the-sky surveillance crews may evict them from the premises at these locales (or any game , anywhere if such players are not adept at camouflage / disguising play). Relatively new or novice players in the process of learning these systems can obtain handheld basic strategy charts (specific for specific games regarding number of decks and rule sets) online here , in countless blackjack books, or at many Vegas casino gift shops or player’s clubs. Some even stoop to spilling drinks on the felt but that’s rather cheesy. A 2D game with base rules of S17 and DAS only provides a playable house edge of 0.19%. Some updated promotional blackjack info can be accessed here . Often this particular rule is not posted at tables so ask when approaching for play (or have this info already scouted and known).

 - Insist on 3:2 payoffs on naturals (blackjacks) ; adds + 2.5% EV ; players cripple their blackjack expectation off the bat if they elect to play tables with either 6:5 (there are tons of these in Vegas now, particularly the grand majority of 1D games) or even money payouts on naturals. The El Cortez has been referred to as the Sweaty Spaniard for years and there’s a reason why.

- Play within a prescribed bankroll. On the strip, MGM Mirage properties offer the best blackjack games in terms of good rules and lower house advantages. This is particularly relevant currently due to the economic situation in Vegas. These can significantly add to expectation and / or savings in real dollars for Vegas trekkers. Note that in the past many of the strip properties required playing $15 or $25 minimums to even get rated for table games comps. Specific comp accrual tactics to employ at the tables include enhanced initial buy-in amounts (buy in for more than you intend to lose or gamble with), increased wagers when you observe pit crews rating / recording your play (which includes higher bets on your initial 3 -4 wagers), and any number of methods that slow down the speed of your play while at the tables. Players should be aware that these two locales offer very minimal glitz and glamour but they do offer very good rule sets and low minimums. This means you’ll be  cumulatively wagering less total amounts per hour but will still be rated at some standard rates. Play only with money that won’t affect your daily life once you return home from a given Vegas trip. The grand majority of 1D games in Vegas offer prohibitive 6:5 payouts on naturals ; players might as well ride up the Eiffel Tower elevator at the Paris Hotel and toss cash off the observation deck. The casinos will still have an edge over players in virtually all Las Vegas blackjack games.

There are several playable 2D games in Las Vegas . Specific info regarding this element is available through CBJN or Trackjack for those interested. Don’t feel intimidated when using these charts at the’s indeed your money and your business. Before asking for a comp prematurely, remind yourself that most pit crew and host staff are well aware that many gamblers try and obtain something for nothing. One of the single biggest errors unknowing, average players make is sitting down at one of these games if they’re concerned about value.

Many Las Vegas visitors enjoy playing blackjack even though the majority lose money at it. Players potentially interested in becoming serious students or professionals will learn that further advancement in learning advantage play methods (eg card counting) is pointless without a solidly grasped knowledge of basic strategy. Be aware that use of perfect basic strategy play will not put players in a position to have an advantage over the house . Staying too long at any table in order to recoup losses is both common and foolhardy. Information regarding these two latter important considerations are beyond the scope of this article and intended audience.



Another rule that  adds significant positive EV for players is ..


- S17  ( dealer stands on all soft seventeen totals, eg A,6 etc.) ; adds +0.20% EV vs H17 games (dealer hits all soft seventeen totals providing an opportunity to improve their hands vs players) ; there are a few games offering this rule but most have $50+ bet minimums; those locales offering this rule with $25 minimums or less will be noted below. Don’t expect to see Bruce Willis or Britney Spears here but they’re both great places to play blackjack. 



- Continue to avail yourself of additional blackjack info through the voluminous online and printed sources concerning the game if your interest level warrants it. There exists a mountain of variation in available Vegas area blackjack games from multiple perspectives. The info is out there for those so inclined.

BINION’S (downtown)

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of learning basic strategy for those Vegas visitors or locals interested in enhancing the value of their blackjack play. There is no reference to penetration levels (which reflects how far into the deck / decks dealers deal prior to reshuffling the pack) here which is a vital aspect for advantage play techniques. Don’t expect to find this rule in Vegas without some extremely weird promotional event involving Criss Angel and Hunter S Thompson.

Playing games with fewer decks reduces house advantage against players. As my Uncle Clarence used to say..”It ain’t brain surgery”.

Other rules that can enhance player expectation but are seldom if ever found in Vegas casinos include..

MANDALAY BAY  (strip) ; offered $10 minimums  at some games

The above 1D games are all simply H17 but due to use of single decks (though they usually only deal out about half a deck prior to reshuffling) the house edge on all these games is 0.18% and thus playable for a basic strategy player

Sbobet – Why Choose It

This means that you will not be stuck when you need to bet. It is good to note, though, that there are countries that don’t allow gambling. This means that you will not have problems when depositing money. For instance, you can deposit your money through bank transfer, credit cards or even PayPal. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting arrested when you use its services.


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Licensed – Sbobet is also licensed. You can gamble easily without any problem with the law. If you live in these countries, it is good to use other countries that allow betting to do so.

Customer care service – Sbobet has a competent and qualified customer care service. What’s more, you will be able to withdraw money without any resistance. If you don’t know what to do for instance, you can always contact the customer care service for assistance. This makes sbobet a great website to bet at. 


 . Since the customer care service operates for twenty four hours, it is easy for you to get help at any time.

Why choose Sbobet?

Multiple payment options – Sbobet allows you to deposit gambling money through various means

‘Obamas’ pitching products – CNN iReport Blog

During the election, he shared many iReports about his desire to see the then-candidate speak, and after being told of a resemblance, started posting up videos of himself as Obama. As President Obama takes the podium for his first State of the Union address tonight, it’s worth taking a look at how this President, with his much-admired speaking style, has been impersonated and used in advertisements worldwide.

Television viewers in Israel can see the latest entry in this proud tradition, and iReporter/Obama fan mrmannyc is right in the middle of it. Impersonators have also been big hits online since the 2008 election. In the meantime, check out Jeanne Moos’ interview with him.

hhanks // January 27, 2010

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. (And there was the recent controversy over a photo of the real Obama in an advertising billboard in Times Square.)

mrmannyc reports that he has been asked to make a promotional trip to Israel. Flash-forward to today, where he is the star of a musical  Israeli TV commercial as the President, singing and dancing in the “White House,” saying “Yes, we can” to the “Yes” satellite television service.

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For example, take this ad for a car dealership, and this one from Indonesia featuring a local lookalike